David Brooks Concedes Trump Winning in Contest with NeverTrumpers

Proof of Trump winning can be seen on the campaign trail where Republicans candidate try to associate themselves with Trump.

The prospect of Donald Trump winning over the Republican Party must fill David Brooks with dread. He is a staunch NeverTrumper. Here he is during the campaign:

But now he knows he was wrong about Trump fading and attempts to be honest about it. In so doing, Brooks shows that the media’s predictions of a Democrat sweep of the House don’t look all that likely. If Donald Trump was so unpopular, other Republicans wouldn’t be aligning with him.

Of course, there is typical blindness in Brooks’ column. For example, he never mentions that Donald Trump has proved more loyal to Conservatives than Brooks predicted he would. In fact, he has arguably done more for Conservatives than any other Republican President would.

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Brooks writes in the New York Times, “The Failures of Anti-Trumpism.

National Review was once staunchly anti-Trump, and many of its writers remain so, but, tellingly, N.R. editor Rich Lowry just had a column in Politico called “The Never Trump Delusion” arguing that Trump is not that big a departure from the Republican mainstream.

The surest evidence of Trump’s dominance is on the campaign trail. As The Times’s Jonathan Martin reported, many Republicans, including Ted Cruz, are making the argument that if Democrats take over Congress, they will impeach the president. In other words, far from ignoring Trump, these Republicans are making defending him the center of their campaigns.

In red states, as Josh Kraushaar of the National Journal noted, Republicans compete to see who is the most Trumpish. In Indiana, the men vying for the Republican Senate nomination underline their support for the trade war. One candidate has a slogan, “Defeat the elite,” while another promises to “Make America Great.”

Even in blue states, Republicans refuse to criticize the man. In districts across Southern California, 11 Republican House candidates were asked about their positions on various issues. Seven of them refused to answer any question concerning Trump, and the four who did were strongly supportive.

Democratic anti-Trumpers had better hope they win in 2020, because their attacks have only served to entrench Trumpism on the right. Meanwhile, if Republican never-Trumpers were an army, they’d be freezing their buns off in Valley Forge […].

Why has Trump dominated? Part of it is tribalism. In any tribal war people tend to bury individual concerns and rally to their leader and the party line. As late as 2015, Republican voters overwhelmingly supported free trade. Now they overwhelmingly oppose it.

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