David Axelrod: Trump’s Win was not a ‘Verdict’ on Obama’s Vision [VIDEO]

During an interview between David Axelrod and President Obama, the President said that he was confident that if had run for a third term, he would have won. He would have bested Trump.

He might be right. Further, according to David Axelrod – the President’s former senior advisor – Obama “doesn’t accept that the election was a verdict on his view of where the country should be going.”

But Trump won some 200 counties that had previously gone to Obama the last two presidential elections. A lot of people were disenfranchised by Obama’s grandiose promises and little or no follow-through. And they didn’t want to give Hillary a shot just because she was a woman. So, they went rogue and voted for Trump.

But Obama doesn’t see that as an indictment on his “vision,” whatever his vision is. But what about the Republicans gaining majorities in the Senate and the House? (Or was that also the work of Russian hackers?)

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Maybe it’s time Obama accept the reality that people haven’t been happy with Democratic policies. Here’s hoping Republicans don’t disenfranchise their voters the same way Democrats did with theirs.

JAKE TAPPER: Is this — is this a harsh judgment of Hillary Clinton? He would have been able to do what she could not? 

AXELROD: Well, he said this in service of a larger point, which is he doesn’t accept that the election was a verdict on his view of where the country should be going. He points out that she got a majority of the vote. He feels he would have won the election.

But there’s no doubt there’s some criticism implicit in his remarks and he went on to say perhaps the Clinton campaign took too much for granted, perhaps they played it too cautiously, and he was particularly critical of where they spend their time and where they made their case, suggesting that had they spent more times in these rural areas and small towns in states like Michigan, and Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, that they would have prevailed there.



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