Dark, Deleted Tweets from Professor Surface: ‘What’s the Point of a Cop that isn’t Dead?’

Last week, I reported on college professor Mike Isaacson at well known school of Criminal Justice, John Jay College, for stating, “It’s a privilege to teach future dead cops.”

The New York police unions are now outraged and demanding that the John Jay College professor (who also claims he is an ANTFA leader) to be fired. However, despite the outrage from all over, he has not been fired yet. He has been placed on leave though, as of September 15.

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We are now seeing that tweet was not his first, disgusting call for dead officers.

Daily Caller reports:


TheDC was alerted by Far Left Watch to a host of tweets by Isaacson that were only just brought to light Wednesday. The tweets, some of which were deleted following coverage of Isaacson in the media, call not only for Antifa protests, but for killing the police.

In a tweet dating to August 30, Isaacson wrote “Off the pigs” in response to a HuffPost article that claimed the police allowed white supremacists to “terrorize” Charlottesville.

Here are some of his previous ones. Some have been deleted, however, screenshots are forever.

In a separate tweet dating to August 18, Isaacson suggested burning down police stations “with an accelerant.” It was written in response to a post about Texas police who were cleared of wrongdoing for performing a cavity search on a female suspect.

Here are couple of the deleted tweets:

Here is his response to Laci Green, a former feminazi turned conservative (yes, it’s possible), when she called out the Women’s March for allowing Assata Shakur (convicted cop murderer) to speak.

His five word response is revolting enough to make anyone shudder: “Dead cops are good, Laci.”

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