Cruz, Trump and the Mess in Chicago



[score]Ted Cruz[/score] said about Trump’s canceling his rally in Chicago, that Trump “bears responsibility for creating an environment when the candidate urges supporters to engage in physical violence to punch people in the face.”


Now I see why Trump calls Cruz a liar.  Trump had nothing to do with the violence.  It was precipitated by Move.On.Org and other left wing groups.  Cruz should be ashamed of himself by exonerating the left wing and trying to discredit Trump so that he gets some of his votes.

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And if Trump were as violent as Cruz said, then why did he cancel the rally at the University of Illinois-Chicago?


Trump said he cancelled it because, “I don’t want to see people hurt.” And I believe him.  Whereas Cruz is trying to exacerbate the situation so that Trump becomes responsible for injuries and deaths. It’s to Cruz’s advantage to encourage violence at Trump’s rallies.


Cruz said, “Political discourse should occur in this country without a threat of violence, without anger and rage and hatred directed at each other.” That’s Obama talk, words without intentions.  It’s also Obama causation—divisiveness.


Cruz went on, “We need to learn to have disagreements without being disagreeable, to have disagreements while respecting human beings on the other side.”  Again, Obama-speak, words without results.  Lies. Myths of Cruz’s own putative goodness.


A goodness that is not there.  As we know, Cruz is one of the most hated men in the Senate.

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