Criminals Pretend to be Soldiers – Real Soldiers Confront Them!

What is it with some people that they would be willing to pretend they’ve lived a life they haven’t?

Why would they choose to try to pass themselves off as heroes, when, in fact, they’ve been nothing of the sort?

Well, to all those folks willing to put on a uniform and pretend that they’ve been a soldier – you should know that there are real heroes on the lookout for you.

Check out a couple of recent times where these “Stolen Valor” impostors tried to get away with pretending to be something they’re not.

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Two Rangers caught this fake pretending to be a brother-in-arms.

These two Marines were at the funeral of another soldier in West Pam Beach, Florida when they saw this guy trying to pass himself off as one of their own. It didn’t work.

I hope we see more of these videos, shaming the villains who would be willing to defraud others with their lies. The men and women who serve in our nation’s military sacrifice much to do their jobs; posers and fakers like these deserve to be called out and humiliated when seeking praise for doing nothing but dressing up.

Maybe if enough of these videos surface these liars will stop trying to pass themselves off as more than the losers they are.

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