Criminal Shoots Cop – Friend Defends Action saying “He ain’t do no Wrong – He just Shot a Cop”

I can’t even…

This is the sickness that has developed in our culture – a man shoots a police officer in cold blood and a friend of his defends him to the media by saying, “Because to me he ain’t do no wrong — he just shot a cop. And then everybody comes around when they shoot a cop. But when the cop shoots people, do they come around?”

Our upset over modern understanding of overly aggressive police officers has reached a fever pitch, and it is leading us down a dangerous road. Baltimore is a good example of the dangers of neutering a police force by blaming them for all of society’s ills. Crime in Baltimore has skyrocketed since the death of Freddie Gray some months ago, and there doesn’t seem to be any easy fix on the horizon.

I sympathize with the argument that our police officers have grown (generally) more aggressive in recent years and perhaps our local police have even gone too far in militarizing… but our cultures’ response has swung too far in the opposite direction. Our heroic police officers are now looked upon dubiously, and in some cases, even derisively. Good police officers are no longer given the benefit of the doubt by the media and those on the Left. All too often our police officers are treated as if they were the criminals instead of as the protectors most of them truly are.

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king-and-najeeNo example of this rings truer than the words of Stephanie King on Milwaukee’s local news station WISN earlier this week.

“I’m going to keep loving him. Because to me he ain’t do no wrong — he just shot a cop. And then everybody comes around when they shoot a cop. But when the cop shoots people, do they come around?”

What do you think?

She’s talking about 20 year old criminal Najee Harmon who was arrested in Ms. King’s home. Harmon was wanted because he shot a 52-year old police detective in a parking lot last Friday. The detective and two other officers were approaching Harmon during an investigation about a burglary. After shooting the officer, Harmon fled the scene and then was eventually found hiding at the home of Ms. King. King chose not to turn in the 20 year wanted criminal even though she knew that police were searching for him because according to her, “He’s a good friend of ours. I’m not going to throw him to the wolves.”

Instead Ms. King chose to side with a violent criminal who had just shot a man in cold blood. I hope that Ms. King never finds herself needing a police officer, because I’m not sure there will be any around who want to help her.


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