Criminal Justice Reform is Overrated



George Will is brilliant but he gets corny when he takes the intellectuals view about incarceration.


He complains in the NY Post that, “The criminal-justice system …has become by default a social-services provider.”   And he wants to save money by letting the felons loose.


Albeit, Will is not talking about the violent criminals but crime is crime and should create a mood of punishment, a realization of damaging society.


Wills says that John Cornyn is “part of a congressional group negotiating sentencing reform.”


Rah. Rah.  Who cares?  I spent two years fed time and I used my time productively to work out and write books.  In fact, I was more productive in jail than I was on the outside running an insurance agency.


If you are in a federal joint and your place is well-supervised, jail is a beautiful experience that bifurcates the clean outside world from the criminal inside world.


It sets up barriers and fences.  It should not be torn down by liberals, even if liberals are conservatives like George Will. The criminals need time to meditate on their previous actions.

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