Criminal Democrat Governor Terry McAuliffe Rules Virginia as a Despot

Governor McAuliffe is Criminal in Giving Back Voting Rights


Come on, Governor McAuliffe, give me a break.  Do you have some sort of crush on convicts that you  are giving them back their voting rights?


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Did you restore the voting rights to 200,000 felons because you felt sorry for these slouches?  Believe me, they don’t feel sorry or sympathetic towards you. It’s obvious you’re just doing it because you know that criminals tend to vote Democratic. So your motive is criminal, bribery, not humanitarian.


Twenty years ago I was a felon and any goodies I received from government just made me laugh at their weakness. They took away my business and two years of my life. Do you think the measly vote would cheer me up?


Were you ever a felon?  You probably never even spent a day in detention in high school. Why are you getting involved in something you know nothing about.  You are like Hillary letting drug dealers go or Obama turning terrorists lose from Gitmo.


They know not what they do.  But there are selfish motives in their madness.


McAuliffe  said some meaningless dribble that,  “VA cannot achieve its full potential until all men and women are eligible for this fundamental right.”  Why not go one step further and give Charles Manson the right to vote?  Or illegal aliens?


Then McAuliffe (the cliché ridden) used a metaphor of inviting illegal aliens and potential terrorists into the country,  “Virginia will no longer build walls and barriers to the ballot box – we will break them down.”


Isn’t that wonderful?  And while we’re at it break down the bathroom walls and let transgenders in wherever they identify. Why not?  I am public bathroom phobic already.  Yes, have people of indeterminate sex dancing around me.


McAuliffe pretends that his motives are humane but they are crassly political and as a fundraiser for Hillary he is trying to get her more votes.


As a tax-evading, minor felon I am a bit bitter and I don’t really care much about voting.  I can vote in New York.  But if I couldn’t it would be no big deal to me. Punishment is justification and evens out the score, balances the scales of justice.


However,  if I were in Virginia and McAuliffe gave me the vote I would resent his using me to push his own party. I kind of think that’s criminal. Well, that’s OK, now that criminals get to vote.

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