Creepy Totalitarian Youth Follow Celebrities and Preach at Us

The March for Our Lives showed the results of Hollywood culture and public school: totalitarian youth.

In Washington, DC, Parkland, Florida, and many other cities in the U.S. and abroad we got a powerful display today of totalitarian youth.

These children are sure that the only thing keeping us from being safe are limits on government power put in place by stupid old people.

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Of course, these children are merely being led by other “old people”—by celebrities and public school teachers.

The Daily Mail reports, “‘USA not NRA!’: Student activist’s rallying cry to half a million protesters gathered in DC at historic March for Our Lives where they are joined by George and Amal Clooney as protests take place around the world.

Hundreds of thousands have turned out in Washington DC for the historic March for Our Lives protest against gun violence which has been heralded by the Parkland shooting survivors who organized it as the ‘of a revolution’.

The event is being led by the student survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting on February 14 when 17 were slaughtered by a teenage gunman carrying a legally-purchased AR-15.


The first of 20 speakers in Washington DC was Cameron Kasky, one of the teenage survivors of the Parkland shooting.


‘We hereby promise to fix the broken system we’ve been forced in to. Don’t worry, we’ve got this.

‘The people of this country now see past the lies. We have seen this narrative before. [But] the corrupt aren’t manipulating the facts [anymore]. We know the truth.

‘Shooting after shooting, people now see the one thing that they all had in common – the weapons,’ he said.

David Hogg, one of the Stoneman Douglas survivors who has been at the forefront of the issue ever since, spoke confidently about the event on Saturday morning in an early interview with GMA.

‘Today we are going to start a revolution.

‘This is the beginning of a lifelong marathon not only for me but for my generation.


In Parkland, Florida, 35,000 people gathered for a separate protest.

There, survivor Adam Buchwald gave an emotional speech calling for change.

Read the whole Daily Mail story.

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