Crazy Videos of the Huge Chinese Explosion!

Following yesterday’s massive explosion in the Chinese city of Tianjin, more and more videos and photos have started to come out showing the explosion itself and the carnage it has created in incredible detail.

At least 50 people were killed in Wednesday’s explosion, but precise information about the blast and its effects has been difficult to obtain partly due to the secretiveness of the Chinese government. But as more time passes a larger and larger number of videos have appeared to document what has occurred at the ground level.

One newly-uploaded dashcam video shows a car approaching the site of the fire when the explosion occurs right in front of it, causing the driver to have second thoughts:

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Another video syncs up several of the first videos to be released of the explosion, showing it from multiple angles and distances:

Video collected by China’s official Xinhua News shows smoldering wreckage up-close:

Even more footage of the devastation was uploaded to YouTube after being taken by an unmanned drone:

Another video shows dozens of workers seeking medical care; many appear to have had to take off burned clothes:

A picture uploaded by the user crashtested97 on the website Reddit shows the scale of destruction in the immediate vicinity of the blast:

Tianjin explosion epicenter – check out that crater. What was that, just a gasoline tank?

Another photo by Reuters, meanwhile, shows the burned out shells of thousands of cars consumed in the fire:

China Explosion Cars


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