Crazy Joe Biden Says CEOs Doubt Trump’s Judgement

When confronted with the great economic news, Crazy Joe Biden doubles down that Obama Administration saved the air.

In a PBS News Hour interview, Crazy Joe Biden insists CEOs don’t trust Donald Trump’s judgment. That, he seems to think, outweighs the copious evidence that CEOs like the deregulated economy.

Which matters more—that liberal CEOs dismiss Trump’s judgment or that they respond positively to Trump’s prosperous economy?

In the interview, Judy Woodruff points to all the economic good news and to CEOs expanding and asks, “Did your administration go too far?”

Crazy Joe Biden replies:

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No, not at all. We tried to clean the air. We tried — we said, coal is bad. The sulfur coming out of the smokestacks ruins people’s lungs. We said — anyway.

But here’s the deal. It seems to me that those same CEOs, in a much larger and deeper poll that was done, also have grave doubt about his judgment, also have grave doubt about his personal behavior, also have grave doubt about stability.

And so I’m not even talking about policy. One of the things the Democrats have to do more of, in my view — and I know I have been sort of a lone wolf on this for a long time — and I did 83 campaign events for Hillary, major events — we have to start talking to our base again, the middle class, the working-class people.

They have reason to be concerned. You know, the world’s changing. And, for example, I ran into a guy in Delaware, a truck driver. And I said, “How you doing?”

He said, “I’m not driving any more, Joey.” He said, “As a public official, you can still keep going, but I had to stop driving. My son’s driving now, but I’m worried.”

And these guys make between $80,000 and $100,000 a year busting their neck.

And he said, “But, Joey,” he said, “I don’t think he’s going to have a job. All these automated trucks, what’s going to happen? What’s going to happen?”

People out there are uneasy about their future even if they have a job. We have got to listen to them. We don’t listen. We don’t listen enough.

Too bad the Obama Administration never cared about coal miners like that truck driver Crazy Joe Biden claims to care so much about.

And we had the clean air and water before the Obama Administration. Obama tried to “clean” the air of carbon monoxide, a natural element required by plant life.

Read the full interview.

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