Crazy Feminists Create Lipstick to Take Down the ‘Patriarchy’

This sounds extremely ironic to me. Feminists are calling themselves sluts and creating lipstick in order to “take down the patriarchy.” Isn’t it part of the feminist handbook to resist anything that could be used to draw attention from men? Because men are horrible and don’t deserve to look at women….or something like that.

Here’s what makes it even classier, not only are they referring to themselves as sluts, but the logo of the company is “F*** Trump.”

Here is a short clip to show you exactly what we are dealing with. It is NSFW!

Real classy right? Instead of doing something that is actually productive to better society, these women are crying about men and wearing the same shade of ugly lipgloss in order to make themselves fell better.

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Actions like this are exactly why Donald Trump won in the first place. We are so tired of people who act like the world owes them something.

So no, not “F*** Trump.” They are not saving women from anything by promoting this trash.

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