Crazy Feminist Blogger Claims You Should be ‘Disturbed’ by Women with 11 Children, Compares Them to Cats

Would you be disturbed by a woman with 11 cats? Perhaps if her home was a disaster and it reeked of cat spray and nothing was ever cleaned up…..However, if the woman kept her cats healthy and kept the place sanitary, there wouldn’t be a problem with her having 11 cats, would you?

After all, it’s her home and her family. Right?

A feminist blogger has come forth with the ridiculous notion that children are like cats and that a woman who has 11 children is ‘disturbing.’

Disturbing? Really? Although I had half that many siblings, I still grew up in a large family. With that being said, I also want a large family, with not only my own biological children but adopted children as well. Guess what? I just might end up with 11 kids. Who knows? What I do know is that it won’t be disturbing and they will be loved!

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Amanda Marcotte went full feminazi on Twitter:

So not only do liberals want to murder babies if a woman doesn’t want it, but they also don’t want people who want their children to give birth either. Strange.

Ben Shapiro wrote on Daily Wire:

The moral idiocy necessary to compare children to cats, and then the Christianphobia evidenced by these tweets is truly astonishing. Imagine if somebody had said to Marcotte that Muslim children merely provide the fodder for fundamentalist societies in which women are repressed. Would she go along with that notion? Or would she rightly suggest that such notions are disgusting?

But Marcotte’s notion that babies are like kittens seems to be picking up ground on the Left. According to researchers at Georgia Regents University and Cape Fear Community College, 40% of participants in a poll stated they would save their dog rather than a foreign stranger. In San Francisco, 16.8% of the population has a cat, 25.4% have a dog, and just 18.7% have a child; in Seattle, those numbers are 29.5%, 25.2%, and 19.7%. The preference for pets over children is growing among leftists, not declining.

Just one more example to add to the pile of why liberals do not have any actual morals, and I disagree with their nasty opinions.

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