Country Music Legend Charlie Daniels Delivers Blistering Message on Defending Freedom

Country music legend Charlie Daniels has a message for Iran and other terror enablers around the world, and they’re not going to like what he has to say. In a recently recorded commercial for the National Rifle Association (NRA), Daniels delivers a blistering condemnation to our enemies and informs them not to be misled – our current leadership is not an accurate reflection of who we really are. No, the American people are not like Barack Obama; we are willing (and ready) to defend freedom, whatever the cost.

To the ayatollahs of Iran and every terrorist you enable: Listen up.

You might have met our fresh-faced flower child president and his weak-kneed, Ivy League friends.

But you haven’t met America.

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You haven’t met the heartland, or the people who will defend this nation with their bloody, calloused, bare hands, if that’s what it takes. You haven’t met the steelworkers and the hard-rock miners, or the swamp folks in Cajun country who can wrestle a full-grown gator out of the water.

You haven’t met the farmers, the cowboys, the loggers and the truck drivers. You don’t know the mountain men who live off the land, or the brave cops who fight the good fight in the urban war zones.

No, you’ve never met America. And you oughta pray you never do.

I’m the National Rifle Association of America, and I’m Freedom’s Safest Place.

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