Could President Hillary Just Pardon Herself?

As you may know, Hillary Clinton is once again under investigation by the FBI. With that being said, could she pardon herself in the even that she is elected president?

Not only has she constantly lied about her emails and private server, but she also lied about the devices that she used and then tried to destroy them with hammers.

What more proof do we need that she is hiding something? If you asked your significant other to see their phone and they said, “Sure,” but first ran to the bathroom and deleted all their texts and photos before handing it over, you would be EXTREMELY suspicious and upset. What is the difference here?

To get Hillary Clinton indicted for her crimes it would take Obama’s Department of Justice to act (spoiler: not in a million years will that happen), but let’s pretend for just a moment that there is still a modicum justice in this country among the ruling class. Let’s also pretend Hillary is elected the next President of the United States. First of all, Lord have mercy on our souls. Second of all, couldn’t President Hillary just pardon herself? She wouldn’t even have to…

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