Could Bill’s Illegitimate Son Danney Williams Hurt Hillary?

Bill Clinton was stumping for his wife at a campaign event when he was heckled by someone shouting, “Justice for Danney Williams!”

Danney Williams and his family have claimed for decades – even passing lie detector tests in the process – that Bill Clinton had an ongoing affair with Bobbie Ann Williams – now deceased – which resulted in Bill’s fathering Danney in 1985.

It’s not something that has been proven one way or the other.

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Even Snopes acknowledged that. The one DNA test that was allegedly done was performed by the tabloid Star in the late 90’s. They used the DNA that was left over from Kenneth Starr’s investigation into Bill during the whole Lewinsky thing. The sample was likely not sufficient to determine a person’s paternity conclusively.


See the resemblance?

An Arkansas state trooper claimed in April of this year that he and other troopers were paid $400 each – plus a $50 tip – to drive then-Governor Bill Clinton to Danney William’s mother’s house on multiple occasions in the 80’s. At that time, Bobbie Ann Williams – Danney’s mother – was a prostitute.

According to Danney, Bill Clinton even sent her money every month after Danney was born, and sent Christmas presents to them, all delivered by state troopers. The money and gifts stopped once Bill entered into national politics in the early 90’s. She also pointed to the fact that her son is obviously mixed race, and that Bill was her only white client at the time. Danney is one of nine kids.

Snopes downplayed the story, because it first surfaced in the early 90’s during Bill’s first presidential run. And now, it’s being resurrected for Hillary’s second run for president.

Sure, it’s conveniently surfacing again, and the fact that many conservative sites have picked it up shows that those on the right view the story as potentially politically damaging to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

But the release of Trump’s 2005 Access Hollywood comments were equally “convenient.” And so are the recent accusations by several women of Trump’s alleged sexual assault of them.

The fact that they’ve been conveniently released a few weeks before the general election does not negate the veracity of the stories. Here’s Danney in an interview with Infowars host Alex Jones:

The Smoking Gun tried to portray the story as a hoax, since 30-year-old Danney Williams is no saint himself. They documented his extensive criminal record – including failure to pay child support – his marijuana usage, and that he fathered five kids by the time he was 21. They argued that more than likely, Danney is just trying to get his fifteen minutes of fame.

That’s all well and good, but it doesn’t invalidate Williams’ claim that Bill is his real dad.

In fact, I’d say that Danney’s loose behavior very much resembles Bill’s. Imagine if Bill never made it to political stardom. Imagine that he stayed in Arkansas and worked dead-end jobs trying to make ends meet. He’d probably have multiple affairs, father several children in the process, smoke weed, be in and out of jail, fail to pay child support, etc. I’d say, like father, like son.

Bill Clinton’s political stardom has enabled him to basically live that life. The difference is that he’s able to use his prestige, connections, and wealth to pay everyone off who’s involved to keep everything quiet. Danney Williams doesn’t have that luxury.

Is Danney Bill’s illegitimate son? There’s no evidence either way, and there’s not likely to ever be any evidence presented. The Clintons – mostly Hillary – will make sure Bill’s actual DNA sample is never given as evidence.

I will say, though: Danney does have a striking resemblance with the former president.

So, could this story be damaging to Hillary Clinton? Sure, it could be. But the media has been so intent on ignoring everything potentially damaging to Hillary and obsessing over everything that could be potentially damaging to Trump. It almost doesn’t matter what comes out regarding Hillary – no matter how evil. The media will downplay it, ridicule it, act like it’s all part of a vast right-wing conspiracy to bring down Hillary, all because she’s a woman.

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