Cory Booker Books a Spot at the Convention?

The horses are rounding the far turn, and Kamala Harris is gaining on you. Go for it, Cory, and the nomination could be yours.

Over the next twenty-two months, the front runners for the Democrat’s 2020 presidential nomination will jockey for position as if they were racing in the Kentucky Derby, each trying to pull ahead of the others.

The question is – how far will they go to gain the ultimate seat of power?

It’s no longer enough to demand amnesty for dreamers. Now you have to call for open borders, voting rights for illegals, and abolishing ICE.

It’s no longer enough to lie about fixing health care, homelessness, and college tuition rates. Now you have to promise FREE health care, FREE housing for the poor, and FREE college tuition. Not to mention the ridiculously insane “living wage” for every citizen.

And, most frightening of all, it’s no longer enough to demand impeachment. Now you have to call for charges of treason, which carries the death penalty.

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You can’t get any more hyperbolic than that. What’s next – a Romanov round up?

This week, New Jersey Senator Cory Booker showed he can dish out the crazy with the best of the left, making not one but two outrageous statements designed solely to garner attention.

First, seeing the headlines Mad Max Waters is getting, Booker joined her in calling for voters to “get in the face” of those they disagree with, following up on his other recent quote, “If I saw an administrator out and about, there’s nothing wrong with confronting that person.”

Second, he accused anyone who even so much as thinks about voting for Judge Kavanaugh for SCOTUS as being “complicit in evil.”

Every time Booker opens his mouth, he gesticulates with his arms and hands, alternates his pitch and volume, and employs drama queen facial expressions.

In other words, every simple statement is delivered as a campaign speech.

That he was flanked by Elizabeth Warren while making his outrageous statement about supporting Judge Kavanaugh was no coincidence. It’s not hard to see the early hatching of a plan for the two to be running mates.

But who will be at the top of the ticket?

Booker checks almost all the boxes for the party that lives and dies by identity politics.

He’s black, but not too dark, which Democrats like, as noted by Harry Reid when advocating for Obama: “He’s a light-skinned, African American with no Negro dialect.” In fact, he’s so light-skinned we may even hear an encore performance from MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, who said after a speech by Obama: “For an hour there, I forgot that he’s black.”

But Booker misses out on the one identity at the top of the list. The women’s movement feels cheated by Hillary’s loss. And they are going to demand one of their own gets the chance to run again. Dems can’t win without the women’s vote, so their ideal candidate will be both black and a woman.

In the very near future, the Power Broker Puppet Masters behind the Democrats are going to have to decide who to rig the primaries for this time around. If Booker is truly serious about getting the nod, there is one last step he can take to ensure his ascendency: transition therapy.

The horses are rounding the far turn, and Kamala Harris is gaining on you.

Go for it, Cory, and the nomination could be yours.

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