Correcting The Obama Insanity

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to miss the current scurrying about in Washington.  It’s very similar to when the homeowner desperately calls for an exterminator. The American voter fills the role of the homeowner while  “time,” which keeps on ticking, acts as the exterminator.   Now about the infestation.

As our Forefathers so plainly assigned, it is “we the people” who must protect the gift of freedom, and it is the American voter, who, for a multitude of reasons, has elected and re-elected a non-stop consortium of anti-American ideologues.  And the term “anti-American” is putting it mildly!

As previously mentioned, the limitations of “time” has brought about this last minute scurrying and Obama will continue this antsy routine till his last pardoning day in office.  As such, his policies of fundamental transformation are becoming more obvious as crunch time nears.

Two recent issues join in with Obama’s time jumbled agenda.  Remarkably, each oppose the laws of nature, which for Obama, represents a mere technicality.

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The first deals with a third classification to our Creator’s design of male and female genders.  It seems that now, for whatever purpose or impulse, current school aged children are being supported for their decision or supposed need to outwardly switch genders.

Obama recently aired a “directive” which essentially “ordered” all public schools in America to permit restroom access for “transgenders.”  Even the term seems provocative, given that it introduced the awkward conception of a child or student who is “transitioning.” Never mind that Obama lacks the authority of legislation or that the Federal Government lacks the same for education in general; just another mere technicality.

trans crazyFor the life of me, I am baffled as to just where and when this “transgender” aberration first morphed into being? It certainly wasn’t defined in Webster’s 1828 American Dictionary.  As a matter of fact, it failed to be noted in the more recent 1992 American Heritage Dictionary.  So now, in less than twenty-five short years, this “transgender” need has sprung up to challenge the call of nature.  Amazing, or is it?

Obviously, this former non-entity suggests that its current presence must have sprung from the deep and creative recesses of man’s tinkering.  For this middle of the road gender to suddenly appear, only two sources can be questioned: first is nature, which is automatically discounted and then there is the supposed infallible mind of man.  The answer must be option two.

This examination leaves but one conclusion; that today, the social engineers who are also responsible for our next discussion, have now manipulated young minds into questioning not only the goodness of their own Country but the identity of their own being.  And still, the call is more federal funding for “education!”

Now for man’s second attempt at mutating nature.  What follows is not in any way an insult or degradation to the American woman.  No indeed, in fact, it is to exalt their finery, their  Blessed being and to protect those we love so dearly. That being said, and meant, let us now approach this second example from Obama’s ongoing “fundamental transformation.”

Two main points should first be examined when deciding the fates of American womanhood.  First, in nature, there are biological differences between man and woman.  The most obvious and precious is the ability to bear children.  The second, and with the few exceptions noted, the overall strength between the sexes, particularly concerning the upper body strength, is undeniable.  No matter what the social designers would prefer or try to promote, these two distinct abilities, in unison with our differing physical features, when mated, combine to be mutually useful, beneficial and of course satisfying and productive.

The second point is more intricate and involves so many more societal facets.  In addition to all this gender equality hogwash, where is the need for placing the American female in harms way?  Given that there is none, why would this draft proposal become such a pressing issue?

Aside from this insipid opening up of combat arm slots to our ladies, which supposedly is in response to this oxymoronic gender equality call from our feminists, when a female turns eighteen, she may now be required to register for our Nation’s draft.  All this without any need, real or imagined!

Also, a thought, which has conveniently been overlooked, as to the future unbalancing of any society’s normal need for healing and unity.

Ever since wars have been fought, men fight and women tend to the home front.  Both are natural callings.  Men need the nurturing, the love and tender support when returning.  Just imagine the civilian husband trying to cope with the night time flashbacks of his battle hardened wife.  This reversal of roles will undermine our societal cohesion, not to mention one’s self respect. To callously transform our ladies into combat veterans is such an absurd and depraved idea, one may wonder about the limits Obama is willing to employ when imposing his anti-American transformations.

Embedded within all these dangerous policies, what is taking place today is an unarmed revolution which will determine the future of our Country.  The two foregoing issues represent their intentions to dislodge, disjoint and divide our American unity.  Whether one prefers the term “progressive,” “socialist,” or the “C” word, the result will be the same if left unattended.

As our Forefather admonished, it is “we the people” that carry the burden of freedom’s maintenance.  As far as the two previous issues, common sense will hopefully prevail over this impossible and crippling quest for gender equality.  But first, we need to unite.  Only then can we protect what we hold dear.  America first!

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