Corporate Partnership with Deep State Makes Privacy Unlikely

AT&T begins a new stage in their corporate partnership with the NSA, reminding us that Big Government influences Big Business.

A corporate partnership between AT&T and the NSA means that the federal agency is an important customer. The problem is that the customer is always right. Many other customers for AT&T are depending on the company to protect their privacy. What are the chances that AT&T will fight for these customers if the NSA wants to hack their private data?

NextGov reports, “AT&T Captures Classified NSA Tech Contract.

Following a resolved bid protest, the National Security Agency can now begin work with telecommunications giant AT&T on the second of three massive tech contracts that make up the agency’s classified Groundbreaker program.

The Government Accountability Office denied a protest last week, filed by losing bidder DXC Technology, allowing AT&T to begin executing on an IT contract that sources tell Nextgov could be worth up to $2 billion.


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Through Groundbreaker, the NSA purchases mission-critical information technology solutions, including its own private cloud […].

The relationship between the NSA and AT&T goes back awhile. Here’s a story from a year ago.

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