Corey Feldman Claims to Fear for His Life Due to Pedophiles

After he declared that he would expose a pedophile ring, Corey Feldman says he has experienced threats.

I’ve always thought that Corey Feldman seems credible in his allegations about Hollywood pedophiles. He and Corey Haim were favorites of mine because they appeared in the vampire flick, “The Lost Boys,” which appeared in theaters thirty years ago.

But I don’t understand why Feldman doesn’t simply give an interview to the news media to get the information out there rather than produce his own documentary.

Fox News reports, “Corey Feldman says his life is in danger because he wants to expose ‘pedophile ring’ that abused him, Corey Haim.

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Feldman has alleged in the past that Haim was raped at age 11 by a powerful person in Hollywood and the experience led to Haim’s drug addiction issues. Feldman’s pal and “Lost Boys” costar died in 2010 at 38 from pneumonia.

Now, Feldman wants to produce a self-distributed film about the pedophiles he says are still plaguing Hollywood.

“I believe we can… bring down potentially a pedophile ring that I have been aware of since I was a child. Right off the bat I can name six names,” he said in a video posted on Wednesday in which he announced the film and requested funding from his fans.

Feldman claimed he survived a “near-death experience” after two trucks tried to run him over — all because he’s working to expose pedophiles in Hollywood, he said. In the video, Feldman said his physical safety is in danger.

He shared an Indiegogo campaign to fund his planned documentary.

Read the entire Fox News story.

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