Cop Assaults, Abducts Nurse for Obeying the Law [VIDEO]

When a cop assaults a nurse for doing what the law requires of her, does he face any consequences?

A video in which a cop assaults and abducts someone has come to light. Of course, those words aren’t being used in the news. Rather, the officer “falsely arrests” the woman for not obeying his order to break the law. If this was an ambiguous situation where a police office could possibly be mistaken, I would be in favor of leaving the consequences in the realm of the police department’s administrative procedures, which would mean firing, at worst.

But this cop’s actions were criminal! He (with all involved) should be facing criminal consequences for kidnapping this woman.

The Daily Bell posts: “Infuriating: Police Arrest on Duty Nurse For Refusing to Break Law.

“Is this patient under arrest?” Alex Wubbles asks the officer, being instructed by legal counsel on the phone.

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“Nope,” the officer says.

“Do you have an electronic warrant?” She asks, searching for a way to legally comply with the officers.

“No,” The officer admits bluntly, getting annoyed.

The police did not have a warrant. The police did not have probable cause. The man was not under arrest. The unconscious patient could not consent.

The nurse, Alex, printed out the hospital’s policy which the Salt Lake City Police Department agreed to. She showed it to the officers. She clearly and calmly listed the three things which would allow her to give the police the blood sample: a warrant, patient consent, or a patient under arrest.

The police had none of these things.

“Okay, so I take it, without those in place, I am not going to get blood?” The Officer Jeff Payne is heard saying behind his body cam.

The legal counsel on the phone tries to tell the officer not to blame the messenger, and that he is making a big mistake.

Then, the officer attacks the nurse, Alex Wubbles. He drags her outside, and handcuffs her, while she cries.

Read the entire Daily Bell post.

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