Conway Declines Further Secret Service Protection

Yesterday we learned that Donald Trump Jr. will no longer have Secret Service protection as he is looking for a little more privacy for his family. Now we know that Kellyanne Conway is also declining any further protection as well.

According to Fox News, the White House senior advisor officially let her protection go because she doesn’t feel like the threat level is the same as it was before.

The Hill reports:

An official told The New York Times, meanwhile, that the threat level against Conway has changed since she was approved for protection. The Times noted that Conway’s protection is not covered by statute, adding that President Trump approved protection for her after several threats.

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The Times also reported that President Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., has given up his protection from the agency due to privacy concerns.

In an August interview earlier this month with USA Today, the Secret Service Director Randolph Alles said his agency was nearing its spending limit for protecting President Trump and his family. Alles said 1,000 agents had already reached their federal salary caps and overtime payments for the year.

Trump Jr. and Conway’s decision to drop their details come right after confirmation that the Secret Service does not have the money to continue paying the agents after September. Some people are blaming this on Trump because he has 42 people under their protection while Obama only had 31 protectees. However, this is a problem that’s had years in the making.

I am slightly confused as to how they are not bringing in enough money to pay the Secret Service members, and why it has been rapidly declining over the last few years. Perhaps we stop funding the illegal immigrants or lazy meth heads on food stamps and we could afford to keep the President safe.

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