A Very Controversial Position on American Foreign Policy

Now for my next controversial post. This one is about Muslims.

Islam is wrong. It is wrong about Jesus, it is wrong about Abraham, it is wrong about God, Mary, and Mohammed.

But not all Muslims are terrorists. Just like not all Americans are the CIA training ISIS forces to ravage Syria and Iraq.

Think about this: Out of 1.5 BILLION Muslims worldwide, if only 1% were violent terrorists, that’s 15 MILLION PEOPLE trying to kill every Westerner they can reach.

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But there aren’t 15 million terrorists in the world, let alone in Islam. This means that more than 99.9% of 1.5 BILLION PEOPLE who claim to adhere to Islam are NOT terrorists.

So why are so many terrorists Muslims? Well, let’s define terrorist.

Anyone who uses deadly aggression in order to get his way in politics or religion?

That definition would include the USA, Great Britain, France, China, Russia, NATO, the UN, and a whole host of other countries around the world. I don’t think all of them are Muslims. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Unfortunately, we can’t exclude our own country from this dubious list precisely because of our wicked foreign policy, which hasn’t been sound since World War I.

I understand the loyalty we feel towards the veterans of all of our country’s wars. But for at least one hundred years, our politicians have wasted the bravery, blood, and sacrifices of our most loyal patriots.

Fact: Our nation entered World War I to save the bacon of the perennial imperialist countries Britain and France. There was no legitimate American interest in the war, and the poor people of the RMS Lusitania (corrected) were used as torpedo bait by war-eager politicians to change that. They should have been executed for murder and treason for putting those innocent people in a war zone, defenseless.

Then we so bungled the aftermath, that Japan went from being one of our allies to getting the worst of our war time wrath. Pat Buchanan rehearsed this history well on his website back in 2001, when we were setting up to repeat bad history.

moderate-muslims-flag-burningFew people remember that Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Afghanistan, and many other Muslim countries used to be our allies. Our freedoms did not offend them. In fact, a friend of mine from Pakistan told me that, in his youth, only language truly distinguished his country from ours (he was talking about 40 years ago).

No, freedom is not why many people who live in Muslim countries hate the USA. They hate us because our politicians turned on them, and we keep honoring these politicians.

Go back and read the things that were said of these nations while they were our allies, and then what was said when the politicians turned against them. How the days have changed since we armed the Taliban, sided with Saddam, traded with Iran, etc. It’s a shame.

And the criminal politicians who have brought this to pass have never been brought to justice. That needs to change, starting with the current president.

Many people believe that Barack Obama hates this country because he is a Muslim. I believe that it is because his loyalty is to European leftists who have stolen the freedoms and earnings of the countries they currently dominate.

Look at his associates before he was elected. They were people who promoted big government policies and opposition to freedom for all. Look at what his policies have been: Sharia is not law here. Socialism is, in direct contradiction to the Constitution he (falsely) swore to uphold.

Muslims are not our country’s greatest threat. Big government criminal politicians are, and we need to search them out in every public office we have and remove them ASAP, starting with your city hall.

Yes, impeachment of the president would be awesome, but the political pipeline is filled with junk. We clean it out from our end by starting locally. So, who in your local government supports big government policies?


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