This is How Conservatives do Welfare

In a beautiful moment of humanity and kindness one Sioux Falls, South Dakota woman took the time to bless another.

She didn’t do it for any accolade or because the government was forcing her to. She decided to help another mom in need because she was there and she could offer help. This is the perfect example of the conservative view on welfare.

It is our duty to help each other when we can. It’s how a community of people can survive and thrive even through difficult times.

Carol Flynn is 73 years old and she’s not a wealthy woman, but she’s doing okay. So when her chance to help someone else came along, she stepped up and did something that our modern culture finds extraordinary, but conservatives know should be commonplace.

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Katie Kanefke is a homemaker with a 4 month old son, whose family is living on a tight budget. She had found an ad for cheap diapers and hoped that she could use Walmart’s “price match guarantee’ to purchase several boxes of diapers. Sadly, they would only honor the cheaper price for one box. So Katie was putting them aside when Carol stepped in and bought them for her.

“I couldn’t believe it. I was shocked. I kept saying thank you and God bless you. Then I walked out in the parking lot and started crying. It just hit me. It was an awesome statement of what God’s love does.”

It was a wonderful display of kindness that a third party who was watching all along captured on his cell phone.

Thank you Ms. Carol, for being a wonderful example for the rest of us. We needed that.

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