Conservatives Thrown Under Bus on Omnibus Spending Bill

The Omnibus spending bill could have been written by Barack Obama.

Twitter is alive with conservatives begging the president to veto the Omnibus Spending Bill—#VetoTheOmnibus.

Basically, Republicans and Democrats have gone on a spending spree and kicked Conservatives to the side. Or rather they have enabled the deep state to go on a spending spree. This bill is so big and complicated that it is likely no one in Congress has read it. It was put together by lobbyists and bureaucrats.

The Washington Times reports, “All sides claim victory on spending bill; no one seems to agree on what’s in it.

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Democratic leaders looked at the new spending bill Thursday and crowed, saying they managed to block nearly all of President Trump’s immigration plans. Conservatives agreed, saying the bill betrayed the president’s border security promises.

But the White House insists the bill is actually a major win for Mr. Trump on immigration, delivering a massive start to his border wall — and immigrant-rights activists agreed, saying it was Democrats who caved by agreeing to the bill.

Confused yet?

The “omnibus” spending bill totals a record $1.3 trillion and runs to more than 3,100 pages of legislative text and congressional reports.

All of it’s in black-and-white. And yet nobody seems to agree on what’s in the darn thing.

Some conservatives complained that the bill funds Planned Parenthood. Not so, said GOP leaders, who said it actually leaves that decision in Mr. Trump’s hands.

The White House budget director said the bill will fund 110 miles of new border wall. Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill said the number is actually about 95 miles, and said of that only 33 miles will be along portions of the border that don’t have a fence right now. The rest will be replacement fencing.

Sen. Charles E. Schumer, Democrats’ floor leader, said the legislation paves the way for federal taxpayers to share costs for the Gateway tunnel project between New Jersey and New York. House Speaker Paul D. Ryan said it did no such thing, again saying that decision will largely belong to Mr. Trump.

Mr. Ryan acknowledged there was “lots of misinformation or confusion surrounding a bill like this,” and said it was one reason he personally went to brief the president on Wednesday, letting him know what was in the final deal.

Mr. Trump said he “got $1.6 billion to start wall on southern border.

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