Conservatives Take Liberal Universities to Court for Violating their Free Speech

All over the country liberal colleges and universities are attacking the Constitutional rights of their students – especially their conservative students. These schools are working hard to hinder free speech and more and more are only allowing what academia sees as politically correct speech. It’s a major assault on the First Amendment…

Which is why we love the folks at the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) – because they stand up for the little guys on college campuses all around our country. On July 1st they took their fight nationwide and launched an initiative called the “Stand Up for Speech Litigation Project.”

The Stand up for Speech Litigation Project is an attempt to get rid of unconstitutional speech codes on college campuses all over America. They’ll use the power of the courts to argue against the constitutionality of college speech codes.

collegeAlready underway are four lawsuits against Ohio University, Chicago State University, Iowa State University and Citrus College in California. (You can see the specifics of each case here.)

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FIRE President Greg Lukianoff said, “Unconstitutional campus speech codes have been a national scandal for decades. But today, 25 years after the first of the modern generation of speech codes was defeated in court, 58% of public campuses still hold onto shockingly illiberal codes. For 15 years, FIRE has fought for free speech on campus using public awareness as our main weapon, but more is needed. Today, we announce the launch of the Stand Up For Speech Litigation Project, an expansive new campaign to eliminate speech codes nationwide. We have already coordinated two lawsuits in the past nine months, and this morning we brought four more. The lawsuits will continue until campuses understand that time is finally up for unconstitutional speech codes in academia.”

The lawyers with FIRE have already won two high profile cases where colleges were not allowing students to freely distribute copies of the Constitution. At Modesto Junior College and the University of Hawaii, the schools had implemented draconian free speech codes that severely limited student’s free speech (especially conservative speech). In both cases FIRE was able to negotiate settlements where the schools abandoned their free speech codes and acknowledged their wrongdoing.

Conservatives should unite behind these efforts to defend our kids as they enter the halls of academia. College is where we are losing the culture war, and it’s largely because we’ve sent our students off unprotected in the fight. They arrive at college and face largely liberal professors and culture and are unprepared to defend the values with which they were raised. Values that the liberal universities attack and demean with enthusiastic vigor – knowing that the destruction of our conservative ideals amoung our youth means an end to us altogether.

We have to stand up and defend our kids… or the future is lost.

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