Conservatives Need to Realize Progressives Don’t Honor Truces

But it is important to make a wider point: Conservatives should never compromise on anything with Progressives.

A recent National Review article calls on Conservatives to compromise on transgenderism.

There is a great post at the Federalist explaining why Conservatives shouldn’t compromise on transgenderism.

But it is important to make a wider point: Conservatives should never compromise on anything with Progressives.

I don’t write this because I want Conservatives to demand that everyone conform to their standards. No. In a pluralistic society, compromise is perfectly acceptable.

But Progressives never accept compromise. It they say they will settle for it, they are lying.

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Many conservatives thought we should settle for a “libertarian” solution to the issue of homosexuality. Now we have fake marriage and businesses fined for refusing to participate in fake marriages by making fake wedding cakes or decorating these fake weddings with floral arrangements.

Progressivism is a totalitarian mind-contol cult. It will not be compromised with. If you don’t defeat them you will be assimilated.

Scott Greer writes at The Daily Caller, “The Left Will Never Leave Conservatives Alone — Even When They Surrender.” He makes the point that Conservative can’t compromise.

Conservatives should “compromise” on transgenderism, according to a National Review column published Wednesday.

Readers are immediately introduced to the submissive nature of the piece with the subheadline: “Cautious conservatives should work to preserve a peaceful and free social order.”

The author, National Review Online columnist J.J. McCullough, argues that conservatives are too “demagogic” and “immature” on the transgender issue. McCullough believes that transgenderism is a fact of life and conservatives must acquaint themselves to this new sign of progress.

His proposed compromise requires conservatives stop using the wrong gender pronouns and accept that transgender people aren’t going away. The Left, under this hypothetical compromise, would have to promise to stop wielding state power to impose the dictates of the transgender agenda.

Conservatives must make this accommodation because their reactionary demagoguery “rationalizes petty tyranny on the left,” according to McCullough.

The National Review writer boldly concludes that American history “ultimately” vindicates “cautious conservatives who assign themselves the difficult task of thoughtfully working through the new and unexpected in the cause of preserving a social order as peaceful and free as the one that came prior.”

By vindication, I can only assume McCullough means the new social order welcomes the conservatives who capitulate to it. […]

The underlying ideological thrust of the article is the common conservative refrain of “leave us alone!” Once, this was a defiant shout against intrusive liberals. Now, it’s a weak plea to alleviate progressive abuse.


McCullough concedes the moral high ground to the Left on the transgender issue and urges conservatives to get with the times. He even lets progressives dictate conservative speech, ensuring they wield greater power over their opponents. All for the sake of remaining “decent” in the eyes of polite society.

Read the entire story.

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