Conservatives Need a Solution to Facebook as November 2018 Draws Near

My disclaimer here is a pretty standard one: I cannot guarantee that everyone will be pleased with MeWe.  But I do hope that many readers out there will give it a go. So, sign up for MeWe.  And feel free to friend me once you do!

Conservatives Need a Solution to Facebook as November 2018 Draws Near: Could the Pro-Privacy Free Speech Advocates of MeWe Be the Answer?

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“This is our time.  We play without limits. We create without rules.  We are not for sale.  We connect with the whole worldEvery idea we’ve shaped, every relationship we’ve cultivated, belongs to us.  We demand the freedom to be our uncensored selves.  And when something challenges that, we change it—together.  This is our time.  Let’s start a Revolution.  Let’s MeWe.  Join the Revolution at MeWe.Com.”  —MeWe’s Declaration of Principles (at #Not4Sale,, asserting the principle of no limits or filtration as to what may be posted, no censorship rules super-imposed by the platform, and no data-mining—in short, a Revolution against the Big Data corporate fascists that act to censor free speech

“MeWe (the ‘anti-Facebook’) is the next-gen social network, private chat and group-sharing app that gives its members total control with its ‘Privacy Bill of Rights.’  The free social network has No Ads, No Fake News, No Personal Data Tracking, No Newsfeed Manipulation, No Facial Recognition, and No BS.  MeWe members are #Not4Sale.”  —Statement from the LinkedIn page of Mark Weinstein, co-founder of MeWe

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Logging onto MeWe

Upon logging onto the MeWe website, I was confronted by the question, “Is your social media stalking you?”  So, I decided to play along and check the boxes of the social networking sites I participated in.  MeWe gave me a graphic display of how many cookies each social network was putting in my browser in order to spy on my browsing activities, followed by the appearance of graphic representing MeWe that was accompanied by the number zero, to provide a stunning contrast.


MeWe’s “About” Page Is Full of Good News

According to statements on MeWe’s “About” page, “MeWe is where you can be authentic and uncensored, the way you are in your real life.”  This would mean no censoring of your content.  If you are a Constitutional Conservative or a Totalitarian Progressive, your content will not be censored.  This is in total opposition to Facebook, who only recently sent its vice president, Joel Kaplan, to Pakistan to reassure Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar that Facebook would enforce Sharia-compliant speech rules on its platform (  While Sharia-compliant speech will certainly be allowed on MeWe, Judeo-Christian speech will also be allowed.  Good news, since Jews and Christians often express opinions that run counter to the Sharia, statements that—on Facebook—will surely be taken down, nowadays, if anyone complains that these opinions are not Sharia-compliant speech.  Freedom of expression and absence of censorship are the bread and butter of MeWe, according to their civil-society model of interaction.  The remedy to which an offended person has recourse—on MeWe—would be to offer his opinion in polite opposition to your own or to unfriend you and to interact only with those who do not offend him, rather than asking the social network to suspend your account on the basis of having used “offensive speech” by having stated religious opinions.  And Diamond & Silk will certainly be welcome on MeWe, which stands directly opposed, in its policies, to Facebook’s style of censorship, which has targeted as “dangerous to the community” the outspoken Trump-supporting black women, who say they are being censored, because Facebook does not want conservative black voices to influence the 2018 midterm elections (  On MeWe, everyone gets to choose to whom they wish to listen or with whom they wish to share.  If you believe these women are “dangerous,” you do not have to listen to them.  If, on the other hand, you want to hear what they have to say, there is freedom on MeWe to listen to their posts.


Founders & Founding Principles Count: So, What Are Mark Weinstein & Jonathan Wolfe All About?

According to MeWe’s backstory, per their “About” page, “MeWe began in Albuquerque, New Mexico, as a vision hatched over a dinner between good friends who were early founders of social media, Mark Weinstein and Jonathan Wolfe.  With Facebook all the rage, Mark and Jonathan felt something critically human was getting lost: the spirit of our democracy and the backbone of our privacy.”

On Mark Weinstein’s LinkedIn page are the following couple of paragraphs: “MeWe for consumers is the next-gen social network, private chat, and group sharing app that solves the privacy problem.  MeWe has No Ads.  No Targeted Content or Fake News.  No Tracking.  No Algorithms.  No BS.  We never sell or share member data.  MeWe is designed to have an outstanding revenue model, serving and respecting its members as the customers they are, not products/data to sell.  MeWe already has over 1,500,000 total members.

“MeWePRO for enterprises is the next-gen enterprise collaboration software with the best, fully integrated collaboration tools and the best security.  MeWe Advisor Raj Sisodia, co-founder of Conscious Capitalism, introduces MeWePRO this way: ‘MeWePRO is a collaboration tool for organizations that by all accounts is far better than existing offerings such as Slack.’”

Weinstein has also been a participant in Renaissance Weekends, which he has described on his LinkedIn page as “Non-Partisan Retreats Designed To Build Bridges Amongst Innovative Leaders from Diverse Fields.”  Mark Weinstein has also appeared on diverse media outlets, such as CNN, Fox News, and ABC, and he has also blogged for Huffington Post ( “Dear Mark Z . . .” he writes, “Facebook’s practices are incredibly invasive of our privacy.  More to the point, they contradict it, thriving through our loss of it.  Countless fact-based reports cite Facebook as responsible for cultural deterioration, murders and assassinations, weakening of democracy, heightened bullying and suicides amongst teens, relationships broken, jobs lost or not gotten, college applications rejected.  Yet in the midst of this, the best you can do is to say you’ll give us more time to share with each other—so that you have more data about us to better sell us, target and monetize our wallets, while manipulating our thoughts and minds.”

Jonathan Wolfe, co-founder of MeWe, serves on the MeWe board of directors and holds a Ph.D. in neuroscience from the University of Pennsylvania.  His B.A. in biophysics is from Johns Hopkins.  He lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and, according to the Fractal Foundation (, “is the Founder and Creative Director of the Fractal Foundation, a New Mexico nonprofit that uses the beauty of fractals to inspire interest in science, math and art.”  His LinkedIn page says, “I’m interested in using technology to help people communicate, collaborate, and fulfill their potential. . . .  ECHO is a revolutionary model that democratizes knowledge, builds learning communities, and allows people in remote areas to learn the specialized knowledge to become experts. . . .  As Chief Scientist at MeWe—a privacy focused next generation social platform—I hired and managed a great international team of developers building a world class web and mobile experience.  And I learned an incredible amount about the white-hot social networking industry, and how to deliver a product people love to use.”

Compared to the founders of other social networks I have vetted, Weinstein and Wolfe seem to have their principles right; free speech, privacy rights, free-market entrepreneurship, and civil society seem to be the backbone of their shared philosophical worldview.  And the importance of knowing the founding principles of a social network cannot easily be disputed nowadays.  MeWe makes money by offering extra add-ons to their service for incremental revenue charges—special emojis, for example, among other things.  All purchases are voluntary.


MeWe’s Privacy Bill of Rights

So, here is the MeWe Bill of Rights: 1) You own your personal information & content.  It is explicitly not ours.  2) You will never receive a targeted advertisement or 3rd party content based on what you do or say online.  We think that’s creepy.  3) You see every post in timeline order from your friends, family & groups.  We do not manipulate, filter, or change the order of your content or what you see.  4) Permissions & privacy are your rights.  You control them.  5) You control who can access your content.  6) You control what, if anything, others can see in member searches.  7) Your privacy means we do not share your personal information with anyone.  8) Your emojis are for you and your friends.  We do not monitor or mine your data.  9) Your face is your business.  We do not use facial recognition technology.  10) You have the right to delete your account and take your content with you at any time.


Recommendation & Disclaimer

I think that, with Facebook censoring the speech of Constitutional Conservatives and the important 2018 midterm elections fast approaching, MeWe would seem to be a good option.  At this time, I find no better alternative to Facebook and many worse ones.  My disclaimer here is a pretty standard one: I cannot guarantee that everyone will be pleased with MeWe.  But I do hope that many readers out there will give it a go. So, sign up for MeWe.  And feel free to friend me once you do!

Let’s start connecting and communicating.  We have November 2018 to consider!

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