Are Conservatives Giving Up on the GOP?

This is from our good friend and colleague Mr. Gary DeMar over at Godfather Politics. We post a lot from Mr. DeMar because the dude is just brilliant; he recently had a chance to speak with a GOP party insider and came away with a few great thoughts.

Being the editor of a website like Godfather Politics puts me in touch with a lot of people around the country who are experts in their respective fields.

Since GP is heavily weighted toward politics, you can imagine the type of inside information I’m privy too. Because of mutual confidentially agreements, I rarely get to spill the beans.

After discussing what’s going on among conservative organizations with one political insider, our conversation turned to enthusiasm among conservative voters. It helped to explain why donations to conservative causes may be down when compared to grassroots donations by Democrats.

Mike Flynn at Breitbart reports:

vs“Democrats have raised almost three times as much money, $46 million v. $17 million, as Republicans from small-dollar grass roots donors. . . . Most political energy this fall will be devoted to the battle for the Senate, however. As a result, the House GOP’s struggle with small-dollar donors, i.e. base party voters, could cause them to fall short of their political opportunities.”

It’s easy to know why the GOP establishment is having trouble raising money from people like you and me, but why are hardcore conservative organizations not seeing a huge uptick in financial support in light of how bad President Obama and the Democrats are performing?

Why the low voter turnout among Republicans in a number of very winnable elections? Why aren’t conservatives standing in line to vote?

The answer, we agreed, might be in the Thad Cochran/Chris McDaniel runoff election in Mississippi.

Many conservatives may be giving up on the system.

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