Conservatives FIGHTING BACK at Saint Louis University


In the wake of the utter demonstration of PC gone crazy when hundreds of overentitled brats at Saint Louis University walked out on Col. Allen West it seemed to many conservatives on campus, including myself, that all hope was lost at the Midwestern campus. Thankfully, it appears that this nightmare scenario is not the case. It has come to my attention that there is a push by right-wing students to attempt to host conservative speakers again and basically give the SLU administration a giant middle finger in their attempt at censorship. It is my honor to be running for the Student Government Association on their behalf.

While the push may in the end only be symbolic due to the restrictive nature of the left nowadays, just the notion that there are brave young conservatives pushing to effectively overthrow the Liberal Monarchy that has taken over the campus, bringing to mind Publius, the Roman aristocrat turned Consul, who overthrew the pre-Republic monarchy and was instrumental in forming the Roman Republic. Fortunately, thanks to my connections in the current SGA all seems to be going surprisingly well and if the current path continues as is I will be the first openly non-liberal officeholder in recent history, which is certainly a great honor to have.

Despite the positive outlook, once on board my battles will truly begin as I will be outnumbered by the cupcake liberals who will fight me tooth and nail on my patriotic mission. Despite these obstacles, I will put my tenure on the line every single day to ensure a more American mission at the Christian institution and fight back against the censorship that has constantly embarrassed all Conservatives on campus, forcing us to keep our ideas between ourselves or risk being labeled “racist,” “homophobic,” or “xenophobic.” Hilariously, even though as a conservative libertarian and my support for LGBT equality, I have still been labeled all three of those because I refuse to support Hillary and her un-American policies that have resulted in the death of four Americans in Benghazi, the rise of ISIS, and even to her reckless handling of classified information, even leaking the nuclear launch time on a program that was being streamed worldwide. I will fight the university’s events that ignore our veterans, such as the “World Hunger Banquet” that is pre-empting any Veterans’ Day celebrations on November 11, 2016.

Together, SLU conservatives will fight back against the tyrannical left that is plaguing our university and will have our voices heard, because nobody should be censored or humiliated because they disagree with anyone. What happened to Col. Allen West was a disgrace and I will fight for the university to issue a public apology to him and also fight to have the university host another speech by him.

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Wish me luck my friends, and may God Bless America.

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