Conservatives Beware: John Kasich Promises to Grant Amnesty in His First 100 Days as President!

I somehow missed this when it happened about a month ago and I think some of you may have missed it too.

I recently came across an interview that Ohio Governor and presidential candidate John Kasich (R-OH) gave to Fox News’ Chris Wallace in February. I know that some of you missed it because I’ve been watching the polling data over the last month, and Kasich hasn’t completely faded out of the picture (though to be fair – he wasn’t really even “in” the picture to begin with). I’ve also not seen any scorn being heaped his way, though this may have more to do with his sad sack 4th place status than it does with being angry with him…

But I think it’s important that we clearly and responsibly vet all of our candidates, so you really do need to see this video.

When the interview turns to the subject of illegal immigration, Governor Kasich details what can only be called the “anti-Trump” illegal immigration plan. Not only does Kasch guarantee an amnesty, but he promises to get it passed within his first 100 days in office!

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Beware, conservatives; this guy is not the candidate you’ve been looking for.

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