Conservatives Berate Obama’s Final Budget Plan as a “Liberal Fantasy”!


Two of Congress’ most stalwart conservatives are speaking out against President Obama’s disgustingly massive 2016 budget plan. The President is asking that we raise taxes by almost $3 TRILLION over the next ten years, while simultaneously calling for $8 TRILLION in NEW spending! For even the most inept math student the problems with this budget are readily apparent – but for President Obama, the math is unimportant. Thankfully, the GOP has an overwhelming majority in the House and a slim majority in the Senate. These two factors should be enough to sink Obama’s budget proposals… but we can’t be 100% sure. It was just a couple of months ago when the new Speaker of the House, [score]Paul Ryan[/score] (R-WI) made a deal with congressional Democrats and the White House to pass a $1 TRILLION budget that increased spending and did nothing to solve our deficit and debt problems.

Now is the time we need brave, vocal conservatives to stand and fight back against the expanding federal government and the establishment’s sickening attempts to destroy our nation’s future. Conservatives like Congressmen [score]Jim Bridenstine[/score] and [score]Raul Labrador[/score]…

From Congressman Jim Bridenstine (R-OK):

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From Congressman Raul Labrador (R-ID):

President Obama released his final budget proposal this week. His plan is a liberal fantasy that increases spending, taxes and deficits. Over 10 years, the President’s blueprint would raise taxes by $2.6 trillion and our national debt from $19 trillion to $27 trillion – even under the Administration’s unrealistic economic assumptions.

The Obama budget is so detached from reality that the House and Senate budget committees won’t waste their time holding customary hearings. While the Obama plan is irrelevant, I regret to report that if my party doesn’t find its backbone things won’t be much better.

Why? Because after five years of relative discipline, spending is headed in the wrong direction. Until now I’ve been able to report progress — as annual deficits fell nearly 70 percent, from $1.4 trillion in 2009 to $439 billion in 2015.

Obama Debt ClockBut late last year, GOP leadership struck a deal with Democrats to increase spending and raise the debt limit. I vigorously opposed that devil’s bargain. The grim result appears in a new report from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.

Under current law, CBO projects our annual deficit will rise to $1.4 trillion in 2026. Over 10 years, our debt will jump by almost $11 trillion. By 2026, our nation will be about $30 trillion in the red.

I often cite former Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mike Mullen’s statement that the national debt is the greatest threat to national security. Mullen’s warning is borne out in another CBO projection. By 2026, interest payments on the national debt will exceed defense spending.

We can trim defense spending by modernizing the world’s greatest fighting force and taking a closer look at excessive layers of Pentagon bureaucracy. But when we have to spend more on interest than defense, we will be a weakened nation.

Last week, I told a conservative forum we must end the back-scratching in which Republicans and Democrats agree to protect one another’s sacred cows by raising spending for both defense and social programs. My call to action received national coverage, including this report from McClatchy.

But ending the unholy alliance won’t be enough. The Defense budget and other discretionary spending such as education and transportation represent just one-third of the budget. Entitlements, which grow on autopilot, are the larger driver of our spending problem. If we fail to reform Social Security and Medicare, insolvency is on the horizon.

Part of the reason anti-establishment candidates are faring so well in the presidential race is the failure of congressional Republicans to keep their campaign promises. Americans are smart. They don’t need to read CBO’s report to know that federal spending is “unsustainable.” They live in the real world, where checkbooks balance and debt must be repaid.

I will continue to sound the alarm. The ordinary citizens I speak to every day know restoring fiscal sanity means tough choices. It’s time Congress muster some courage. Otherwise, we risk losing the trust of the American people forever.


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