Conservative Tree House: Top FBI Lawyer Got Jeff Sessions to Recuse Himself

When Jeff Sessions agreed to recuse himself because of “department ethics officials,” was he listening to impartial lawyers or to Clinton loyalists and deep state operatives?

They say a lawyer at the center of the corrupt Hillary investigation was one of the “ethics officials” who convinced Sessions to recuse himself.

When Jeff Sessions agreed to recuse himself because of “department ethics officials,” was he listening to impartial lawyers or to Clinton loyalists and deep state operatives?

The evidence uncovered by the Conservative Tree House doesn’t give us much confidence that it was impartial legal advice. They claim to have figured out the true identity of “FBI Lawyer #1” in the IG report.

If they are correct, then Jeff Sessions seemed to have received advice that he should recuse himself from the Russia probe due to appearance of bias from a highly biased lawyer who should have recused herself from giving him advice.

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The Conservative Tree House writes, “Jeff Sessions and Christopher Wray Suffering From Severe Battered Institutional Syndrome…

FBI Lawyer #1 is Tashina “Tash” Gauhar, literally from the school and law firm of former Obama “wingman” Attorney General Eric Holder.


Tashina was the MYE team member who was on a September 29, 2016, conference call with the FBI New York field office about the Weiner/Abedin laptop. FBI Lawyer #1 Tashina Gauhar was directly at the center, no, the epicenter, of the most controversial time frame for the Mid-Year-Event team.

Tashina was one of only three MYE people who actually had the responsibility to review the Clinton emails from the Weiner/Abedin laptop. [The other two were Peter Strzok and the unknown “lead analyst”]

Tashina is probably only eclipsed by Lisa Page and Peter Strzok in the level of influence within the entire Mid-Year-Team apparatus. “Tash”, as she was known to the team, is a hub amid a very tight circle. Tashina Gauhar held a great deal of influence… Suffice to say, the spawn of Eric Holder is a big deal in the story.

You know what other decision Tashina Gauhar was influential in?

Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ recusal:

They show a screenshot from this document that lists Tashina Gauhar as one of five people taking part in a meeting about “recusal issues.”

Note this meeting was on March 2nd, 2017. Which prompted this announcement [in the Washington Post]:


“Speaking at a hastily called news conference at the Justice Department, Sessions said he was following the recommendation of department ethics officials after an evaluation of the rules and cases in which he might have a conflict.”


Yes, the DOJ/FBI lawyer at the heart of the Clinton-email investigation; the DOJ/FBI lawyer hired by Eric Holder at his firm and later at the DOJ; the DOJ/FBI lawyer who was transferred to the Clinton probe; the DOJ/FBI lawyer at the epicenter of the Weiner laptop issues, the only one from MYE who spoke to New York; the DOJ/FBI lawyer who constructs the FISA applications on behalf of Main Justice;…. just happens to be the same DOJ/FBI lawyer recommending to AG Jeff Sessions that he recuse himself….

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