Conservative Senator Ben Sasse Reads Mean Tweets from Trump Supporters


Senator [score]Ben Sasse[/score] (R-NE) is one of the most consistent Constitutional conservatives serving in Congress today. Sasse is a young man and the brightest light from the 2014 freshman class of Senators.

As you can see from this video:

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He is also an outspoken opponent of Donald Trump’s candidacy for President, and his arguments are based solely on Constitutional principles. This opposition to Mr. Trump happened after the GOP presidential frontrunner took to Twitter to sass the Senator.

Well, Trump’s supporters are not happy with the Senator’s willingness to stand up to their favorite candidate, and they’ve undertaken a social media campaign to harass and mock the proud Cornhusker. For his part, Senator Sasse seems to be taking the Twitter trolling well, as he recently proved when he made a hilarious video for the IJReview.

Watch, enjoy and share as Senator Ben Sasse reads mean Tweets from Trump fans.

That was awesome.

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