“Conservative” Sells Out and Endorses Terrible Omnibus Bill

I’m watching Wreck it Ralph (2012) as I’m writing this. Ralph wrecks things. Felix fixes what Ralph wrecks. Ralph doesn’t like his bad guy image, so he “goes turbo” to get a medal to join Felix who gets a medal all the time.

“Going turbo” is a bad thing in the arcade world. If a character leaves his game and dies in another game, it can’t regenerate.

King Candy, formerly a character called “Turbo,” is the result of a one-time good guy character turning bad. His signature phrase is, “Have some candy.” And that’s what the CROmnibus is all about.

A number of so-called conservatives have “gone turbo” by voting for the bloated Continuing Resolution Omnibus (CROmnibus) $1.1 billion boondoggle, Porkulus bill.

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Sarah Palin expressed our outrage when she said in a recent interview, “Did arrogant politicians not get the memo that Obama’s agenda was decisively defeated in last month’s historic midterm landslide? Good Lord, America said loud and clear not just ‘no’ but ‘hell no’ to Obama’s failed policies. Americans who pay attention said absolutely no to Obama’s amnesty for illegal aliens.”


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