Conservative Radio Star Wonders if “America is Committing Suicide”?


On the heels of the terror attack in Chatanooga, Tennessee by a Muslim gunman, conservative radio host Mark Levin has some wise but worrisome words for modern America.


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Twenty years ago or so, these sorts of domestic terrorist attacks by people born in the Middle East didn’t happen, or they rarely happened. Now they’re becoming almost commonplace, are they not? Now why is that? Why are they becoming common-place?

Could it be because of our immigration rules?

I think a lot of it does have to do with our immigration rules. Now this latest mass murderer, who slaughtered four Marines who were unarmed – now this has to stop. This has to stop.

These damn politicians in Washington, D.C. What a disgrace. Our military personnel need to be armed – on duty and off duty. Our police officers need to be armed – on duty and off duty. And quite frankly, so do the rest of us. So do the rest of us.

Twenty-four-year-old, born in Kuwait, went to high school in Chattanooga; yip-dee-do. Armed with numerous weapons, blasts away at one facility, drives seven miles away, blasts away at another facility. Murders four Marines, absolutely defenseless.

We want to solute the Chattanooga Police Department. They shot this [expletive] dead apparently. We don’t have all the facts, but we really need to think now, you know.

Everything that goes on in this country through the liberal mindset, through the liberal prism – you know ladies and gentlemen, we are slowly but truly committing suicide as a nation. Whatever the policies are, open borders, the healthcare being destroyed, the debt and so forth and so on. As a nation, we are committing suicide.

Mark LevinThe thing is, most of us don’t want to commit suicide. Most of us want to have a vibrant country and pass it along to our children, but we’re being dragged in this direction. Dragged by [President] Obama, dragged by [House Speaker John] Boehner, dragged by [Senate Majority Leader Mitch] McConnell, dragged by the Supreme Court – dragged, dragged, dragged.

We don’t even know who the hell is in this country. You’re not even allowed to mention their names. It’s unbelievable to me. They keep telling us it’s an act of domestic terrorism – we know it’s an act of domestic terrorism.

We have the FBI directors say they have active investigations in 50 states. Who are they investigating? We know what they’re investigating. We have the U.S attorney in Minneapolis says the same thing: ‘We have a terrorist recruitment problem.’ That’s what he said.

Well what does that mean? That we have an idiot president who is PC [politically correct]. Worried about the Confederate flag, for God’s sakes.

No, this didn’t happen 20 years ago. And as I’ve been warning – and others- this is going to get worse. It’s going to become more commonplace. They hit these proud Marines, they’re going to hit our malls, they’re going to hit our sports stadiums, they’re going to hit our movie theaters, they’re going to hit our bowling alleys. Yes, that’s what they’re going to do.

Because we have gun-free zones while the enemy arms up, while the enemy plots. Now you watch, there won’t be a damn thing [done] as a result this when it comes to our immigration laws. Not one damn thing! So we’ll take some hits, so people will get killed- what the hell? What the hell?

This country would be a safer place but for our immigration laws, there’s no question about it.


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