Conservative Radio Star calls President Obama an Anti-Semite!


On Mark Levin’s conservative radio show Monday night, the eponymous host exploded in anger at President Obama’s arrogant address on the recent shooting in San Bernardino, California.

After playing a portion of the President’s speech about the terrorist attack on San Bernardino, Levin responded to the President’s condescension on Islam, guns and the American people.

The entire segment is an honest destruction of President Obama’s simplistic rhetoric and his ignorant analysis of the world around him. Levin perfectly encapsulates everything that is wrong with Obama’s bombast while dissecting the truth behind Obama’s dismissive words. Mark Levin hits every nail right on the head, expertly deconstructing Obama’s simpleton attempts to defend Islam and take our guns.

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You know, for this guy to be lecturing us, three hundred and fifteen million law-abiding Americans. We don’t bother anybody, we don’t harm anybody. We don’t send our kids overseas; we’re not trying to infiltrate refugee camps and so forth.

For him to be lecturing us, when 14 of our fellow citizens were shot down in cold blood and slaughtered, and 21 others too, and the next act of terrorism too.

This man is a disgrace, he’s not my president. I impeached in in my own mind and my own heart a long time ago. How dare you talk to us this way, Barack Obama. Don’t you know we’re the greatest people on the face of the earth? Don’t you know that we’d go anywhere to fight for liberty, one hell hole to another, defending people who shoot us in the back. We don’t need your damn lectures.

Obama anti-semite2Something is seriously wrong with you. Seriously wrong with you.
You don’t speak to us this way. Our ancestors black, white, red, yellow, whatever the color. We’ve made the greatest society on the face of the earth and we’re under attack. How dare you lecture We The People!

How dare you fail to do your job as commander in chief? You are a disgrace.

I just read you the FBI statistics, the FBI reports to you, Mr. President. 57% of hate crimes committed against Jews — when’s the last time you spoke about that? Never. Why? I’ll tell you why. You’re an anti-Semite, and I’ve said it many times before, and I don’t care what the left says about me.

16% anti-Islamic. 183 hate crimes committed against Muslims. Out of 315 million people.

You want to see hate crimes committed against Muslims, look at Muslim countries, they know how to commit hate crimes boy, I’ll tell you what. People come here and they try to destroy our society. People come here and try to change our way of life, people come here and they’re plotting in their garage with pipe bombs and all the rest. What the hell for?

Then they tell us to be on the lookout, report anything suspicious — what does that mean? Alright I’ll report something suspicious: Barack Obama. He’s responsible. He’s got more blood on his hands than any modern president.

And you know who knows this better than anyone else? The Muslims, who are suffering in the Middle East. They know it better than anybody else. You know who else knows this? The black Christians who are suffering in Africa at the hands of the black Muslims, oh, that’s true, may I say that? You’ll never hear it from the President.

Hundreds of thousands of people suffering, millions at this point are refugees and this JERK lectures you and me? Let me tell you something, he doesn’t understand America, he doesn’t understand the American people. He never has and he never will. He’s so filled with contempt and hate, he’s so stuck on his ideology. He’s blind to reality and it’s costing people their lives.

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