Conservative Radio Host is Tired of Being Told Who He MUST Support

The GOP primary was one of the most bruising political contests in recent memory, wasn’t it? Whether you supported Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, or some other GOP candidate, everyone got their feelings hurt at least a little bit. However, Donald Trump’s victory doesn’t seem to have brought a conclusion to the discord; in fact, some GOP voters have become even more anti-Trump than they were before. (Some of this is Mr. Trump’s fault, too).

Case in point: the brilliant Iowa conservative radio host Steve Deace recently cut loose on Facebook when responding to someone asking him to tone down his anti-Trump rhetoric.

From Deace’s Facebook Page:

Some of you are telling me you’re tired of me telling you the truth about Trump Cult.

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I’m tired, too. Would you like to know what I’m tired of?

I’m tired of self-righteous so-called Christians/conservatives who think a pimp/whoremonger/adulterer/liberal/progressive/pro-Planned Parenthood/serial liar is “definitely better than Hillary.” Simply because he has a R after his name and not D.

I’m tired of people feigning being principled, who would be the first folks condemning Trump and the Democrats if they were the ones stupid and morally lost enough to nominate him as their standard-bearer, and not the Republicans. And I’m tired of those people blasting others for having the integrity to refuse to lower themselves to exactly what they claim to oppose, all because it’s on one team instead of another.

And I don’t care how many listeners/readers/followers I lose for saying it. And I’m going to keep on saying it for as long as I have a platform. Even under the threat of losing that platform will I not stop saying it. In fact, such actions will only embolden me all the more that I’m in good company. Because that’s pretty much exactly how those who built both the church and this country in ages past acted in the face of such immoral relativism/hackery/group-think in their day, too.

So do your worst. It’s not that I can’t be intimidated. It’s that I just don’t care.

I’m happy to ban all of you if you can’t handle it. Nobody is making you come here. If you haven’t gotten the memo by now I’m not one of these nicer-than-God believers who shrinks in the face of your cult-like silliness, you’re about to. Not to mention I’m probably a better name-caller than most of you, too. That’s why I get paid the better-than-average bucks.

Have a nice day.

Galatians 4:16

And later in the day, Deace came back with a more pensive and less aggressive argument that ran along the same lines.

My issue isn’t so much with people voting for Trump. I get why one would do it. I don’t think there’s a Biblical or moral case for it, but I also understand how people will feel when two guns of Russian Roulette are pointed at their heads. You decide to take your chances with the one with the fewest bullets in the chamber.

However, barring divine intervention, there is no way I’m voting for Trump. I’ve got decades of voting for these types, and the scars and banana peels falling out of tailpipes to show for it. And none of those people were pimps (literally) or folks who openly bragged about rejecting God’s forgiveness, as Trump is. They were all just as ideologically flawed, but not nearly so obviously flawed morally.

This is when elections become like being the guest star in a gritty prison drama. Your character ends the episode walking with a definitive limp, is now irregular, and has a “buttermilk” tattoo while wondering why he’s wearing runny mascara. Now, if you have higher pain tolerance than me, more power to you. I’m going to salvage whatever shred of dignity I have left.

However, my real issue is with those bastardizing the Bible, and watering down conservatism to vote for Trump. Listen, if you like chocolate bunnies, feel free to indulge. But when you construct a statue of one, and then demand the rest of us bow down to it, you’re darn tootin I’m going to speak up.

Especially when you drag Jesus through the intellectual mud, not to mention the Word of God through the garbage disposla, to do so.

Thus, here’s my reasonable proposal. You don’t be intellectual dishonest in making a case for Trump, and I’ll let it go. You don’t bastardize the faith our Lord and so many others have bled and died for to make the case for Trump, and I’ll let it go. You neither lionize or heroize this hedonist, and I’ll let it go.

Otherwise, I won’t. Because this culture has systemic and fundamental problems that will take a generation to fix, if they can be fixed at all. And the chances of fixing them decline substantially if the values, virtuals, ideals, and traditions that can save it lose all their integrity in an election between two deeply-damaged vermin.

As someone who wades into these matters professionally every single day, I’ve heard Deace’s argument from other #NeverTrumpers and I’ve also heard the converse from Mr. Trump’s supporters who argue that anyone who votes against 3rd Party is in essence casting a vote for Hillary Clinton.

I wonder, what do the readers at Eagle Rising think? How principled should a vote for a candidate be, and at what point does one walk away from a political party? Deace’s frustration is palpable – but are his feelings indicative of what most GOP voters are thinking, or is he way outside the mainstream?

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