Conservative Pundit Says Hillary Thinks She’s a Queen!

Conservative pundit Mark Steyn had some tough words for the Hillary Clinton team on Wednesday when he likened the former First Lady to the most callous and cold-hearted stories of Queen Marie Antoinette. Hillary’s recent email scandal and her response to being taken to task prove how out of touch she and her cohorts really are…

Mark Steyn:  Well, this is Queen Marie Antoinette. Instead of let them eat cake, let them eat spin, and not even good spin at that. This doesn’t pass any kind of smell test. We’re supposed to be impressed because she turned over 55,000 e-mails. That works out to about 38 a day, while she was secretary of state. The average person in business receives something like 121 business e-mails a day. So this supposedly high number of e-mails that she’s turned over doesn’t sound right to me, doesn’t pass the smell test, and everything else, she says she deleted after the State Department requested her e-mails. So she, she rather than any government guidelines, has been the arbiter of what e-mails she’s willing to let into the public record. And Americans of the chumps of the planet for putting up with this.


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