The Conservative Political Action Conference, 2015 Has Arrived – What Are You Watching For?

It’s here, it’s here, it’s finally here!

The 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference (or CPAC) has finally arrived. Starting Thursday morning with a speech from Dr. Ben Carson, CPAC will officially kick off and I’m here to cover it from start to finis

I love coming to CPAC, listening to the speeches, speaking to the grassroots activists who flock to Washington D.C. every year in the hopes of steering the GOP in a more conservative direction. It’s a great time to geek out and to get excited about everything that is happening within our wing of the party. It’s also a great time to commiserate about the weak-kneed direction the GOP leadership seems to be drifting.

CPAC 2015Last year we heard brilliant, passionate speeches from Ted Cruz and Rand Paul – two men who drive the party base WILD. It was almost just as fun to hear from Senator Mitch McConnell in a ballroom so quiet you could hear a pin drop! The contrast between raucous celebration for true conservatives and begrudging silence for a few token GOP leaders was telling. It made me wonder if the only reason some of these Republicans show up at all is simply to pretend that they are actually conservatives.

I’ll be bringing you the best speeches, moments, and other highlights from CPAC 2015, so stay tuned to Eagle Rising to get the daily scoop about what’s going on here in D.C.

Thursday promises to be a really exciting day with speeches from Dr. Ben Carson, Senator Mike Lee, Governor Chris Christie, Senator Ted Cruz, and finally Governors Scott Walker, Bobby Jindal and Sarah Palin! Wow! What a big first day…

Lastly, let me say if any Eagle Rising readers are in town for CPAC and you want to meet up and talk politics, culture, media or just shoot the breeze – I’ll be in the main conference room for most of the Conference, so come find me; I’d love to talk with our readers!

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