Conservative Mocks Hillary Clinton Finally Talking to the Press!

After months of virtual silence, Hillary Clinton finally took a few media questions on Monday and conservative pundit Charles Krauthammer took the opportunity to mark and mock the occasion.

In a growing campaign issue, Hillary Clinton has failed to answer questions from the media for weeks at a time – at one point going more than 20 days before responding to a media query. In fact, over her first month of “campaigning” Clinton had answered less than 10 questions from the media!

Hillary Clinton is continuing to be called out by Republican presidential candidates and media members over her lack of availability to the press.

The Washington Post and New York Times have highlighted the issue recently, with the Post reporting today that Clinton has fielded only eight questions since launching her campaign a month ago. 

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The Post also points out that it has been 20 days since Clinton took a question from the media.

Hillary Clinton

Finally after almost a month of no media questions being answered, Fox News’ Ed Henry jumped into a roundtable event on Tuesday wondering if Clinton would take some questions… finally. To which Hillary replied, while laughing, “Just, just wait. Yeah, maybe when I finish talking to the people here, how about that? I might, I’ll have to ponder it, but I will put it on my list for due consideration.”


Listen as Henry recounts what happened…

We had been through one of these campaign events after another, getting monotonous, one city after another. Roundtables. All candidates, Democrats and Republicans, are able to do their talking points, but we’ve gone 27, 28 days without a question. That’s why I just jumped in. I tried to do it respectfully when there was a pause in what she was saying and politely said, will you take questions from us? She was taking questions from her supporters who lobbed softballs. She eventually, after that funny moment where she said I’m pondering it, she pondered then marched to the back of the room and took five or six questions. 



The apparent disrespect for the media and for answering real questions about the campaign is why Krauthammer made such a big deal of Hillary’s decision to finally answer a few pressing questions from reporters covering the campaign. Here’s what the pundit had to say…

That’s the only obstacle to the stonewall strategy (of Hillary Clinton’s e-mails), if it were left up to the other parts of the administration, we would never get anything out of her at all. But it takes a judge, because there’s a lot of suits out there about her e-mails, about Benghazi and that’s about how we’ve learned stuff, that’s how we learned stuff about the IRS. It’s judges who don’t like being trifled with who have insisted on this. 

And I must say, that today’s ceremony was quite striking. The queen deigns to speak to the scribes of the realm. This is the most anticipated breaking of silence in the Anglo-Saxon world since Thomas More refused to pronounce himself on the marriage of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. In the end he did, and she had to also. This time it was Ed Henry who brought her out.


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