Conservative Leader Explains the Primary Process as a Republic, “Not a Democracy”

The American Conservative Union’s (ACU) chairman, Matt Schlapp, is getting tired of having presidential contenders (and their supporters) complain about the rules for being nominated. Schlapp recently appeared on CNN’s New Day with liberal lapdog Chris Cuomo to discuss the process used to nominate a candidate in the GOP.

Cuomo asked if voters should feel sleighed if their candidate is leading in the vote total but is not chosen as the nominee?

Chris Cuomo: “What about what the voters expected? If they voted in a certain percentage for a certain candidate and they thought the delegates would be apportioned as a reflection of what they wanted and then that person changes their mind? How do you deal with that because it could breed animosity at the convention?”

Schalpp responded with the answer that makes sense but won’t make anyone happy.

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Matt Schlapp: The fact is we are a republic and not a democracy. We have electors that elect the president and we delegates in both major parties –and the Democrats have super delegates — who determine who the nominee is. So, what Trump and what Cruz and what anybody else that wants to be the nominee has to do is be working with these delegates.”

The process has been in place for years, and while the rules may change from time to time to help or hurt certain candidates, they are largely the same as they’ve always been. The difference is that with the rise of technology (particularly the Internet and social media), it has become much easier for campaign groupies to wallow together in misery. So now it seems as if some great injustice is being done (particularly to Donald Trump), but the reality is that this has been the process for decades.

While Cuomo focuses in on the GOP in this segment, the reality is that the Republican process for candidate nomination is far more “democratic” and fair than the Democrat process. In the Democrat Party it is the “super delegates” who decide the nominee while the popular vote matters very little.

Instead of hectoring conservatives about the GOP’s nominating process, these “journalists” should be unmasking the entirely undemocratic process that the Democrat Party uses to choose their nominees.

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