Conservative Governor says Common Core is a “Bait and Switch!”

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal (R-LA) has been one of the most outspoken voices against the Common Core, distinguishing himself from the rest of the possible Republican Presidential field. While many of the presumed candidates for the Republican nomination in 2016 have turned against the Common Core, none has been so active in the fight as Governor Jindal.

In his latest interview on Fox News he makes a couple of great points – including the idea that Common Core is indeed a curriculum. Anyone who has ever looked over the materials that coincide with the standards should be able to see this. While they may say that the standards simply supply “options” for the teachers to use in their teaching, the truth is that many teachers (and school districts) don’t see these as “options” but as resources to teach their classes. These resources guide the class through the standards and, in effect, act as a curriculum by which the classes are taught… to say otherwise is to be intellectually dishonest.

Governor Jindal is right – the Common Core is a “Bait and Switch”.


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For those of you who still trust the GOP establishment, please remember this as well… the establishment’s favorite candidate, Jeb Bush, is still supporting the Common Core 100%.

Speaking in Washington at the annual conference of the Foundation for Excellence in Education Reform, a group he founded in 2008, Bush aggressively defended the Common Core State Standards that have become an ideological flash point within the GOP.

“There is no question we need higher academic standards,” said Bush, the former Florida governor. “And at the local level … the rigor of the Common Core state standards must be the new minimum in classrooms.”

Bush called the debate over Common Core “troubling,” but he was careful not to demonize opponents. “I respect those who weigh in on all sides of this issue.” Bush said. “Nobody in this debate has a bad motive…. Even if we don’t all agree on Common Core, there are many principles we can agree on.”

Still, he issued a warning to governors—including some potential rivals for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination—who have spoken out against the Common Core standards.

“For those states that are choosing a path other than Common Core, I say this: That’s fine. Except you should be aiming even higher and being bolder and raising standards to ask more from our students.”

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