Conservative Congressman Demands the Impeachment of the IRS Commissioner!

Conservative Congressman and current GOP primary candidate to replace [score]Marco Rubio[/score] in the Senate, [score]Ron DeSantis[/score], (R-FL) recently called for the immediate firing or impeachment of IRS Commissioner John Koskinen.

Here’s what DeSantis had to say on Facebook:

With Tax Day upon us, think about how you as a taxpayer are required to act vis-a-vis the IRS. If you were audited and the IRS subpoenaed documents from you, could you just destroy them? Could you make false statements to the IRS? If you somehow unintentionally provided false information to the IRS could you decline to correct the record? If you had a duty to comply with a subpoena could you just fail to undertake basic efforts to comply?

The answers to these questions are obvious, yet the IRS has so far been able to get away with conduct that an individual taxpayer never would get away with.

Joined by a number of my colleagues, I hosted a special order on the floor of the House of Representatives last week calling for Congress to impeach IRS Commissioner John Koskinen.

DeSantis didn’t stop with this speech on the House floor, though. He also crafted an interesting op-ed for the Wall Street Journal wherein he laid out a compelling op-ed that delivered a strong argument for Koskinen’s impeachment.

His reasons included:

  • Destruction of evidence.
  • Failure to inform Congress.
  • False testimony before Congress.
  • Failure to correct the record.
  • Failure to reform the IRS to protect First Amendment rights.

With each assertion DeSantis proved his point by providing a damning series of evidences, before finally concluding that “John Koskinen has violated the public trust, breached his fiduciary obligations and demonstrated his unfitness to serve. Mr. President, it’s time for Commissioner Koskinen to go. If you don’t act, we will.” With this fight that DeSantis has taken upon himself, he has once again proven to be among the small number of strong conservatives willing to stand against a corrupt federal government. The people of Florida would be doing themselves a tremendous favor if the decide to elect Rep. DeSantis as their next Senator. He’s ready for the fight.

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