Conservative Comedian Wins the Internet with Epic Tweet about Islamic Terrorism in Texas!


If you’ve been reading Eagle Rising for any length of time, then you know us to be big fans of the brilliant comedian Evan Sayet. Mr. Sayet has become a friend of mine over the last couple of years, and I’m pleased to be able to say that he’s as funny, witty and pleasant in personal conversation as he is on stage. I can honestly say that I’ve rarely met anyone as generous and quick to kindness as Evan Sayet… but I’ll stop there because he probably doesn’t want me ruining his reputation as one of the most biting commentators on modern liberal politics.

Let’s just say that Evan Sayet’s wit and humor can cut right to the quick and anyone caught in his crosshairs should be careful not to get on his bad side. If you’ve ever watched any of his videos, listened to his speeches or read anything he’s written, you know how just how insightful and sharp his commentary on liberalism can be.


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He recently used that quick wit to take a few jabs at the Islamic radicals who tried to disrupt a free speech conference in Garland, Texas. The response from liberals has been all too predictable, complete with the requisite hand-wringing and fear of offending the Muslim radicals who would kill them.

Here’s what Evan said to cause the Internet to Explode!



The folks at the Daily Caller News Foundation caught up with Evan and here’s what he had to say.

We caught up with Sayet via email after his tweet went viral to ask about PC culture and media coverage of the shooting.

“Political Correctness — which is just a euphemism for the totalitarian concept of ‘Newspeak’ written about by Orwell in1984 – has nearly destroyed comedy in the same way that it has nearly destroyed education, journalism and the other fields where the powers-that-be are on the Left,” Sayet told TheDCNF.  ”Now, just as the ‘education’ system is used to indoctrinate children and ‘journalism’ is used to give credence to Leftist policies and positions, comedy (and the whole of the entertainment industry) is used to reinforce Leftist propaganda.”

The Los Angeles comedian said the critics are the elite left, not everyday Americans.

“The response, in fact, has not only been overwhelming but overwhelmingly positive,” Sayet told TheDCNF. “The vast majority of Americans — especially those outside the Leftists’ bastions of academia, journalism, entertainment and Democratic Party politics — are wholly in support of my statement whereby hundreds of innocents being saved by the killing of two terrorists is a GOOD thing.”

Sayet said he does not regret the tweet in the slightest.

“I only regret we live in a society where a joke at the expense of would-be mass murderers is something that anyone thinks I have to defend.  And, again, the Leftists have accomplished their goal,” Sayet told TheDCNF. “Who is really irreverent here, me in a silly tweet about would-be mass murderers or those who sought to assault that which SHOULD be revered, the First Amendment right — the HUMAN right — of free speech?”




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