Conservative Comedian Evan Sayet Ready to Bring the Truth and Anger the Liberals!

Our dear friend and personal hero, Evan Sayet, is a brilliant mind and hilarious comedian. Evan is a former liberal who spent years writing content for Bill Maher on Politically Incorrect and generally making folks on the left laugh out loud with his irreverent humor. He’s still super funny and he’s still relevant, only now he’s come to realize the error of his ways, and he’s fighting for the good guys.

I’ve personally gotten to know Evan and I am so thankful we have men like him leading the way in the cultural and political war in which we’re currently engaged. He is kind, generous and a barrel of fun.

Anyway, I say all of this to tell you that Evan Sayet will be going on tour this year for the first time in almost a decade. Go to his website and check out the links to find his full schedule.



Dan Joseph at MRC recently did a glowing write-up of Sayet’s upcoming tour:

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Sayet, he made a huge splash with a speech he gave to the Heritage foundation entitled “How Modern Liberals Think.” The video has garnered nearly 1 million views across the Internet and it turned Sayet into one of the most respected political comedians in the country.  

Sayet is hilarious, yes.  But, he wants people to understand that his new show is not just for laughs.

Evan Sayet“This is more than just a night of ‘yuks,’ Sayet told MRCTV.  Rather, it is an important conservative event with important and powerful conservative values espoused through wit and humor.” 

If you haven’t seen the video of his Heritage talk yet, set aside an hour and see the video that made Evan Sayet a household name among conservatives.

In this, the single most seen lecture in Heritage Foundation’s history — a talk Andrew Breitbart called, “One of the five most important conservative speeches ever given” — Evan lays the foundation for what would soon become known as the “Unified Field Theory of Liberalism” and how and why that ideology leads the Left to side only and always with evil over good, wrong over right, ugly over beautiful, profane over profound and the behaviors that lead to failure over those that lead to success. This is the talk that serves as the basis for Evan’s bestselling book, “The KinderGarden of Eden: How The Modern Liberal Thinks,” the book Bill Whittle calls “Perhaps the most important book I’ve read in the past ten years.



Do yourself a favor and go see Evan Sayet on tour this Spring/Summer – you will not regret what promises to be an evening of fun with the preeminent conservative comedic thinker of our day.

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