Conservative Comedian Evan Sayet Brings Down the House in Phoenix – Next Up Chicago!

My dear friend (and personal hero) Evan Sayet is in the midst of a Tour around our nation. He is bringing his particular brand of conservative comedy and political insight to some of America’s biggest cities, and thus far the tour has been a hit! His recent show in Phoenix was such a big success that his team is now in talks to add three more shows to the tour, including a return engagement to Phoenix! We are so proud and excited for Evan, and we are so glad to count him as a teammate in the fight to promote conservative values.

If you haven’t experienced Evan Sayet as of yet – here is a clip that conservative icon Dinesh D’Souza posted recently that quickly went viral as more than 250K people watched.


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He sent out this personal message on the eve of his tour stop in Chicago.


Well, Phoenix was a big hit. So successful, in fact, that we’re talking about adding three more Laugh Factory shows to the tour (or soon thereafter) — Las Vegas, Reno and Hollywood — and a return engagement in Phoenix in the fall!

Tomorrow is CHICAGO and this one’s going to be tougher.  It’s in one of the bluest cities in one of the bluest states (and the home of our current president.).  As I understand it, with Democrats working to destroy this city they way they have Detroit, Baltimore and others everyone has moved out to the suburbs and it’s going to take a real desire and commitment for them to come into the city to see the show.


So, if you know folks in the Chicago area, please let them know that this is an IMPORTANT event and one they should support (and enjoy!)  As Andrew Breitbart said, “Politics is DOWNSTREAM from culture” while Saul Alinsky knew that “Ridicule is the MOST powerful weapon of all.”  From Will Rogers to Lenny Bruce and George Carlin, comedians have affected the culture and even changed elections.  Today it is Jon Stewart, Bill Maher and the others who are providing not only the “news” but the take on that news.  We have ceded this to the Left for far too long and taking back the comedy clubs — the incubator for talent and where producers go to find their next star — is essential.  We need to show that there IS an audience for pro-American, pro-Christian, pro-Western Civilization entertainment.

So, again, if you know folks in the Chicago area who would enjoy what I do and who get its significance, please make sure they attend the show tomorrow!

Thank you!!!



Go See Evan Sayet as He Tours America with His Thought Provoking and Hilarious Brand of Political Comedy!

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