Conservative Band Produces Brilliant New Album – But they Need Your Help!

An important new work from the band Warbler is out and the folks producing the album are asking for your help in getting the album out there.


Press Release from the Nehemiah Foundation:

 Warbler is throwing a Kickstarter for their new album, Sea of Glass … Is this the new breed of political protest art?

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Oakland-based folk-rock band Warbler is Kickstarting its sophomore album, Sea of Glass, which challenges everything we’ve come to expect from political protest art. Rather than lobbying for a change, rocking the vote, or supporting some national movement, Sea of Glass claims that true change begins at the root with personal responsibility. Our massive political problems don’t need a massive political solution. True change begins at the root.



In the process of writing for Warbler’s second album, its front man Sean Sullivan started to recognize that the polarized political “conversation” going on in his West Coast home town was being broadcast and parroted nationally. And Sullivan realized that the conversation really wasn’t going anywhere. Frustrated with the damaging policies found so commonly in modern politics, as well as a culture so easily swayed by bankrupt philosophies, Sean tried to answer the question weighing heavily on his mind:

Who is to blame for this mess?

It’s a common question, but of course the answer hits far closer to home than anyone really prefers to accept. It would be easy to point at a quadrennially-elected president and blame him exclusively. Or a body of Congressmen. Or a secret society. Or greed. Or crony capitalism. Or socialism.

Warbler Sea of Glass Kickstarter Cover.inddThe list goes on, but none of these “usual suspects” really provide an adequate explanation for the widespread cultural and political degradation we see every day, no matter the political party sitting at the helm.

With this daunting task in front of him, Sean plunged into the issues, and this album chronicles his process. First, he confronts the obvious and open wounds of our political system. Then he digs a layer deeper to uncover the cultural blindspots that allow (and even encourage) policies that destroy more than they build. But the cultural and political problems in our country are merely symptoms of a deeper heart issue at the individual level. And that is the core message of the album: true change is personal before it can be political or cultural.

This album raises the right questions, addresses pertinent issues, and introduces the political discussion to a more realistic realm: personal responsibility.

Considering the ever-growing heaps of money poured into the political machine to no positive effect, it seems the path to true change must be quite different than we (or our parents) had once thought. Don’t just dump more money into the machine—at more snake oil prescriptions from coddling political actors. Instead, join us in a movement of real political, cultural, and personal change.

Every political movement has art that explains, supports, and encourages its position. And we think this album could be the start of a movement that rejects the Left vs. Right approach, opting instead for personal responsibility without compromise. Don’t just work to dismantle the Nanny State from the top down. Render it useless from the grass roots up.


If you can help support this unique project, check it out here:

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