Conservative African-American Attacks North Carolina Democrat Kay Hagan

The brilliant conservative Elbert Guillory is out with a new ad in North Carolina supporting Thom Tillis and attacking Democrat Kay Hagan.

In North Carolina, Democrat Senator Kay Hagan enjoys support from about 85% of the state’s African-Americans. Mr. Guillory reminds the black community that though they have been voting for the same politicians for years, their situation has not improved one iota… in fact, during Kay Hagan’s time in the Senate (and the Democrats’ control of the White House and the Legislature), things have only gotten worse for African-Americans in North Carolina.

Watch the brilliant Elbert Guillory deliver the truth North Carolina needs to hear.

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Our America PAC also recently produced an ad giving their full-throated support for Thom Tillis (R-NC). It’s also quite good.

And if your not sure about this Kay Hagan person – why don’t you watch this clip of a recent rally that she spoke at. I think you’ll get a better picture of what she’s about…


“Friends don’t Deport Friends.”

Kay Hagan is a Democrat shill. She is a Liberal in moderate clothing, and her policies are bad for America. She supports President Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi more than 90% of the time. She might sound like conservative southerner… but she is anything but.

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