Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY) Fights DC’s Gun Ban

With news that a federal judge has declared D.C.’s gun ban unconstitutional, we thought it would be a good time to remind you that some Republicans are still fighting for our rights. Men like Thomas Massie, Republican Congressman from Kentucky, are working hard to defend the rights of every American, even liberal DC residents.

Recently, Rep. Massie started working in Congress to overturn the DC gun ban when funding for the city’s expenses came up for a vote.

“The genesis was the opportunity — it was a limitation amendment on the appropriations bill. This amendment process gives rank and file members the opportunity to introduce legislation if they can’t get it to the floor through committee, so this was an opportunity for me to bring up the gun issue.”

He began the conversation on the issue by giving Congress the facts about D.C.’s gun ban.

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gunlaw“There is only one year after D.C.’s handgun ban went into effect in 1977 where its murder rate was as low as it was prior to the ban. D.C.’s murder rate rose dramatically relative to other cities, with its murder rate ranking either number 1 or 2 among the 50 most populous U.S. cities for half the time that the ban was in effect and in the top for two-thirds of the time.

However, as soon as the ban and, more importantly, the gunlock regulations were struck down in 2008 the murder rate fell, dropping by 50 percent over the next four years. Indeed, every place in the world that has banned guns has seen an increase in murder rates.”

Rep. Massie saw the chance to really affect change, to actually help Americans and he wasn’t going to waste it.

This was an opportunity to restore gun rights to a segment of the population, and I took it. This is one of the foremost planks in my platform — the right to keep and bear arms — and I’ve been in Congress for almost two years now and haven’t even had a chance to vote on a piece of gun legislation. I wanted to provide an opportunity for all the freshmen in Congress who have been as frustrated as I have that, even though we have a Republican Congress, haven’t had any gun legislation on the floor.

Democrats wanted to allow the measure to pass with just a voice vote, so that their votes wouldn’t have to be recorded, but Massie didn’t let them get away with that cowardice.

thomas massieI declined their generous offer. I thought it was important to give everyone an opportunity to weigh in on this issue.

More than a few Democrats voted with the Republicans to return the right to bear arms to Capitol citizens. 20 Democrats voted yes.

I expected a few who are in vulnerable districts facing tough reelections to support the amendment, but I was pleasantly surprised to see at least two democrats who aren’t up for reelection, and who aren’t coming back to Congress (Jim Matheson of Utah and Mike McIntyre from North Carolina) vote for the amendment.

Rep. Massie even turned one of the Democrats favorite arguments against Voter ID cards against them by pointing out the similarity to the city’s gun ban.

Democrats often complain that requiring people to provide a photo ID to vote disproportionally disenfranchises minorities from their right to vote, yet many of them are comfortable disenfranchising minorities from the right to keep and bear arms because the District of Columbia has gun laws that require invasive fingerprinting, photographing and registering — which if what they say is true about voting is double true for D.C.’s gun laws.”

Only a Democrat could spin Rep. Massie fighting for citizens to have MORE rights as a bad thing. But Washington, D.C.’s Congressional (non-voting) Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton does her best to spin it.

“It’s a flagrant abuse of democracy by a member who comes here with a tea party principle that says power should be devolved to the local level,” said Norton, and said Massie was “playing with the lives” of city residents, federal officials and visitors to the city.

Thank you, Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY), for being ready, willing and able to fight for our rights. To fight for all of our rights – even the people who would so willingly give up their rights and live as serfs to an all-powerful federal government.

You are our hero.

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